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Shelter Island Ladies Bowling League is rolling

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Margaret Colligan is plenty leased with her strike at the Legion Lanes.
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Margaret Colligan is plenty pleased with her strike at the Legion Lanes.


Ding! Ding! Round two is over. No one has been knocked out, but all Ladies Winter League Bowling teams have played each other twice (and they have been very, very nice).

The Guttersnipes and Mama P’s Chicks went toe-to-toe on Monday evening. When the scores were checked by our scoring expert, Bev Pelletier, the Snipes wound up with 7 points whereas the Chicks only got 4 points.

Ellie Labrozzi continued to tear up the boards for the Chicks despite a few bumpy frames in her second game, but Midred stayed by her side for 3 great games. Sharon Wicks, also of the Chicks, got better as the night progressed with every game higher than the last achieving a 33 point increase from her first to last.

Kathleen Renault, aka Greased Lighting, rolled 2 similar games then, nearly doubled her score in the final round. Lynda Steinmuller leaped a few fences and threw a couple of very strong games for the team with her best game in the last frames. Jules Best couldn’t leave the nest and she tried to help keep score. Maybe Mama P’s Chicks are really a bunch of night owls.

Guttersnipes are tough and they stick together. Monday night was no different. Although Captain Cathy Driscoll didn’t bowl as well as usual, her teammates picked up the slack. Jenny Zahler popped a 141 game in the third frame putting that score 59 points over her average, but co-Sniper, Jo-Jo Kresak still holds the record for the highest game over average with 65 pins (from a few weeks back). In the third game, the Quiet One, Melissa Steinmuller, improved her first game score by almost 20 pins.

Mary Dudley, like the Chicks, got better as the hour got later. The Snipes overall scores were lower, but their scores were high enough to win more points than their opponent. That’s why the Guttersnipes are on the league sheets with a team record for one of the highest scoring handicap games. Bottom line, Snipes over Chicks.

Knifty Knitter, aka Phyllis Power, of Louie’s Shear Delights, sewed up the ranks to cinch Bowler of the Week honors. So, it’s no big surprise that Tuesday night’s match went to the Shears. The Odd Balls tried hard, but couldn’t keep up with their opponent’s mark filled scoresheet.

Phyllis’ relentless scoring caught on with the Delights. Ginny Gibbs and TInk as well as Elaine Clifford and Pam Jackson held their own with levelheaded play. Linda Springer sprung ahead in game one bowling a 166, but she couldn’t keep the heat on for Louie’s gals through all 3 games. The overall team effort paid off for the Shears.

Consistency characterized Stephanie Tybaert’s mark-filled play Tuesday night with 127, 124 and 127 for the Odd Balls. Despite Lauren Traskos, Linda McCarthy, Bev Pelletier and Margaret Colligan posting good games, they didn’t make the marks like the Delights did over and over again. All 11 points went to Louie’s Shear Delights.

Nothing about the Fabulous Five this week? Never fear, they will be back next week after their BYE. Stay tuned for how week ten’s bowling will affect the overall standings. Fab Five is still the team to beat.

Bowling Question of the Week: We can all strive for a perfect game of 300, but it might just be a dream. How old is the youngest person to score a perfect game? By the way, does anyone know if a lady bowler ever bowled a perfect game at the Legion?

Check next week for the answer.

Answer to last week’s question: It wasn’t until 1917 that women were welcomed into the “boys bowling club” with their own governing body, the Women’s National Bowling Association.