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Assemblyman unloads on PSEG

COURTESY PHOTO Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. (I-Sag Harbor)
COURTESY PHOTO Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. (I-Sag Harbor)

Politicians in Albany are no longer going to stand for PSEG’s “Spin Doctor” routine, according to Assemblyman Fred Thiele (I-Sag Harbor).

PSEG officials recently stated they are “pleased” with their most recent customer satisfaction rating by J.D. Power — a rating which, when examined, indicates that among large utilities in the East Region, PSEG is in next to last place, only 2 points ahead of Appalachian Power.

“Apparently, the Spin Doctors have gotten the band back together,” said Assemblyman Thiele.

Yesterday Mr. Thiele released a statement castigating the power utility for high rates, a lack of oversight and transparency, and what he ref to as an absurd self-characterization as significantly improved after jumping a mere 2 points on J.D. Power’s 1,000 point customer satisfaction scale.

“To celebrate climbing out of the cellar in customer satisfaction by 2 points is akin to my beloved, but hapless, New York Mets, also with the second worst record in their league, printing World Series tickets because they had a 2-game winning streak over the weekend,” said Mr. Thiele.

“PSEG is being sued by its own customers from Lynbrook to Eastport to East Hampton,” he added. “They have demonstrated arrogance in dealing with communities that one would expect from a company whose executives live in another state. Let’s save the victory dance for a time when rates are more affordable and PSEG can boast better customer satisfaction than just Appalachian Power.”