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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On August 25, Matthew S. Lucas, 36, of Sag Harbor was arrested and charged with reckless operation of a vessel after a Bay Constable observed him operating a vessel in excess of the Town speed limit (45 mph) in congested waters. Mr. Lucas was processed at police headquarters and released on $260 station house bail. He was given an appearance ticket and ordered to return to court at a later date.

Bartholomew J. Lawson of Shelter Island Heights was ticketed on August 26 on North Menantic Road for speeding 45 mph in a 35 mph zone and operating an uninspected, unregistered vehicle without insurance. On August 27, Maria D. Rodriguez of Riverhead was given a summons on New York Avenue for speeding 43 mph in a 25 mph zone. Stephanie J. Bucalo of Shelter Island was issued a summons on August 25 for a noise disturbance, after allowing numerous dogs to bark continuously for 10 minutes at her property.

On August 26, Nina Stengel-Taselaar of New York City was ticketed off Crescent Beach for an expired boat registration. Gregory Bregianos of Sag Harbor was also ticketed at that location for no registration. Alfredo Pena III of Miami, Florida was given a summons on that date for an unregistered vessel in West Neck Harbor. Craig M. Corinell of Southold was ticketed that day in West Neck waters for insufficient personal flotation devices.

On August 25, a vessel was observed coming through the North Ferry channel at a high rate of speed, creating a huge wake in a highly congested area. A small sailboat race was also in progress. The captain was given a warning and was extremely apologetic. Later that evening, the vessel was observed cruising at a slow speed in the channel.

On August 19, Alexander C. Byrd of New York City was backing out of a parking space on North Menantic Road when his vehicle struck a parked car belonging to William T. Harris of Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The parked car sustained damage in excess of $1,000.

On August 17, police inspected town landings at Lesser Lane, Congdon Creek, Daniel Lord Road, Ram Island Causeway (“Captain Bob’s”) and Ram Island Causeway (Stone Pillars) for compliance with a new permitting law. Courtesy warnings were placed on seven vessels; two owners were called and given verbal warnings.

On August 22, police assisted East Hampton Town Police with a grand larceny investigation.

That night police escorted a person from the Heights to the South Ferry after she was observed at the side of the road and said she was unable to get a taxi and needed to catch the last ferry.

On August 23, the Animal Control Officer freed a deer caught in the net of a driving range in the Heights.

On August 24, police responded to a report of gunshots near the water in Ram Island, possibly from skeet shooting. Nothing was found.

A Shorewood caller on that date asked police to check on a friend who had ended a phone call abruptly. The phone had gotten disconnected. Later, police advised the owner of a vehicle parked on private property in Dering Harbor; the owner moved the car.

That afternoon a Center caller reported a small dog had chased her husband the day before, and said this was an ongoing issue. The owner was advised of local laws regarding dogs and agreed to keep the dog on premises.

Police investigated a possible domestic dispute on August 24 in West Neck. A vehicle had left the premises and was later reported to have driven off the South Ferry in North Haven. Southampton Town Police and Sag Harbor Police were notified to look out for the suspect vehicle.

Two Police Marine Units responded to a boat fire on August 25 off Crescent Beach.

On August 25, a Silver Beach caller reported a dog at large in her yard. Police located neighbor who owned the dog and advised of local laws pertaining to dogs.

Police responded to a complaint on August 25 of a disturbance at a house in Hay Beach. The caller said there was a constant problem of noise coming from weekend renters. The owner was contacted and instructed to advise his renters of the noise ordinance and to adhere to same; he complied without incident. Police responded to the location and observed no music or persons outside.

Later a caller complained of loud music coming from a Menantic location. Police responded and were unable to observe any music or noise at that location or anywhere in that area; the complaint was determined to be unfounded.

A Ram Island caller on August 25 complained of fireworks causing a disturbance; police observed none in the area.

On August 26, police responded to a Heights resident who feared someone might be in her residence after hearing a noise. Police searched in and around the house; no criminal activity was noted and all exterior doors and windows were secured.

A police boat was flagged down on August 26 to assist four swimmers in distress in the deep part of the West Neck channel. They were helped onto the boat and had no injuries other than fatigue. A Center caller on that date reported speeding cars on weekends and requested extra patrols.

Police conducted a DWI enforcement on August 26 at a South Ferry check point. That night a caller reported hearing a single gunshot at a Silver Beach location. A search turned up no results.

On August 27, police conducted radar enforcement in the Heights; one ticket was issued. An anonymous Center caller on that day reported a possibly intoxicated driver involved in a prior incident.

That evening a Center caller reported five loose pigs in the roadway. When police responded the pigs were out of the roadway and an employee was able to contain them.

On August 22, in Hay Beach, a CO alarm was accidentally activated. SIFD on scene determined it was a false alarm.

On August 24, in Ram Island, a general alarm was set off due to an open door. Police investigated and found no criminal activity afoot. Later, police responded to a Shorewood home alarm; the owner said it had not gone off. The homeowner was advised to contact the alarm company.

On August 26, a Menantic caller reported a smell of burning wires. SIFD responded and searched with a Heat Camera with no hot spots or indications of fire found.

Shelter Island Town Emergency Medical Services responded to eight calls for aid, on August 22, 24, 25 and 26. Seven patients were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital and one to Stony Brook University Hospital via helicopter.

Traffic Control Officers issued  57 parking tickets this week.