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Use caution as shotgun hunting gets underway

A Shelter Island trail.

Attention, hikers!

It’s the season when shotguns become the firearms of choice for some hunters and several town-managed properties are opened to them in an effort to step up the recreational hunt that continues through the end of January.

As of Sunday, the following properties will be open to those using shotguns:

• Crab Creek Preserve (Brandenstein’s)

• Dressel Preserve (Section 9)

• Mildred Hird Preserve East (Dering Harbor East)

• Mildred Hird Preserve West (Dering Harbor West)

• Old Lima Bean Fields Preserve (Cobbett’s Lane)

• Osprey Acres (Big Ram) —Private Property

• Parcells Property (31 Manhanset Road  — Private Property)

• Westmoreland (Private Property)

Animal Control Officer Beau Payne is working with Craig Wood and Joe Denny to develop a system to alert people when hunters are on a particular piece of property.

They ask that hikers use caution on or near these properties and be respectful of the needs of the hunters who are working to cull the herd.

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