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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

On March 21, Theodore J. Grant, 48, of Shelter Island was stopped on Tower Hill Road for having an unregistered motor vehicle and subsequently arrested for aggravated 3rd-degree unlicensed operation, failure to stop, failure to keep right and having an uninsured motor vehicle. He was processed and released on $200 police station house bail and issued an appearance ticket to appear at Justice Court at a later date.

Julio C. Romero of Burien, Washington was ticketed on March 19 on North Ferry Road for having an uninspected vehicle.

On the same day, Jeffrey W. Reiter of Shelter Island received a summons on North Ferry Road for having an uninspected vehicle.

Robert L. Strauss of Shelter Island was ticketed on March 20 on South Ferry Road for not wearing a seat belt.

Ricardo A. Soni Meza of Southampton received a summons on March 21 for using a mobile phone while driving.

Tanya A. Doggwiler of Sag Harbor was ticketed on March 22 on North Ferry Road for mobile phone use while driving.

Jacqueline Lafazia of Hampton Bays was given a summons on March 22 for failure to keep right on South Ferry Road.

Nicholas H. Gavin of New York City was ticketed on March 23 on North Menantic Road for having an uninspected vehicle.

On March 23 on the North ferry, a car driven by Katherine Roberts of Harriman, New York, rear ended a car operated by Donald Fraser of Shelter Island, causing minor damage to its bumper. Damages were under $1,000.

Police conducted radar enforcement in Menantic on March 19; on March 20 they conducted radar enforcement in the Heights and distracted driving enforcement in the Center; on March 21 distracted driving in the Heights and Center; and on March 22 and 24, distracted driving in the Center.

In response to a Heights caller on March 19, police assisted in identifying vehicles parked in a lot for over three weeks.

On March 22, police notified the Heights Highway Department to repair a large pothole.

Police received a report on March 22 of a criminal trespass by a suspect in the Heights, for which an affidavit of trespass is on file.

A Heights complainant on March 22 wished to document several acts that he feels were harassing.

On March 23, a Cartwright caller reported an unknown male near the door of a location for the last 30 minutes. Officer interviewed the man, who was trying to repair the door.

On the same day, a disturbance was reported from gunshots, six shots were found to have come possibly from a special permit hunter.

Later, a Center caller reported an unknown type of explosion, for which no cause was found.

On March 24 a Hay Beach caller reported a landscape trailer in a parking lot. The owner was notified and said he would remove it; he was given a verbal warning of a littering charge if it was found there in the future.

On the same day, a disabled vehicle was reported in the Center. The driver said she had lost steering and was unable to drive the car. A tow was scheduled to respond in morning to remove the car.

A report of gunshots in the Center on March 24 was found to be from a hunter.

Criminal mischief was reported in Hay Beach on March 25.

On March 25, police performed a lockdown drill at the school.

Police investigating a vehicle failing to maintain a lane on the same day found no evidence of intoxication. It was determined that a dog in the rear of the car may have distracted the driver.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to calls for assistance on March 19, 20, 22, 23 and 25. Seven patients were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

In Silver Beach, a loose dog was reported by a caller on March 23. Upon arrival of the police, the owner was present and retrieved the dog.

A possibly injured seal was reported in Montclair on March 24. The caller reported it had been on the beach for several hours. The Riverhead Foundation for Injured Mammal Wildlife was contacted by Officer Graffagnino, who sent a video to the foundation. The foundation advised people to stay away from the seal since it didn’t appear injured or sick and it would retreat back to the water the following day.

On March 19 in Silver Beach a smoke alarm was activated; it was found to be caused by dust from construction.

A residential alarm was set off in the Center on March 21. A work crew trying to access the side door had used an incorrect passcode.