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Chequit evacuated twice over carbon monoxide leak

The Chequit had to be evacuated twice this past weekend because of deadly carbon monoxide gas (CO) in the building.

Shelter Island Fire Department Chief Dan Rasmussen told the Reporter the department answered a call of leaking gas on Friday, May 26, around 9:30 p.m. The staff of the hotel had evacuated guests when first responders arrived.

Fire department personnel received high readings of CO on the second and third floors of the hotel and an extensive search was made to locate the source of the gas.

All guest room windows were opened. “We cleared the CO out and everyone got back in,” the chief said, with the suggestion given to guests that they leave their windows open a crack. Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services were on the scene and guests were questioned, but no one reported any signs or symptoms of CO exposure.

On Sunday, May 28, at 9:10 a.m., according to police reports, the CO Alarm activation went off again and hotel guests were evacuated.

The Fire Department confirmed the presence of CO throughout the building. Shelter Island Building Inspector Reed Karen responded and delivered a Notice of Violations and Order of Remedy.

Mr. Karen’s orders shut down all mechanical equipment, including hot water and gas stoves. Mr. Karen told the Reporter that his department is awaiting an engineer’s report on the source of the problem before further action is taken.