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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: June 12, 2024

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

A propane leak from a large tank at the Recycling Center on Sunday in the early afternoon resulted when someone picking through scrap metal removed a piece of metal from the tank that had been illegally placed there. Highway Department employees cleared the area and called 911 and the Fire Department applied the water at the scene.

An investigation located Gerson Hernandez Concoba, Greenport, who received a summons for placing a 100-pound propane tank in the scrap metal area outside the hazardous waste facility.


Police arrested Pearl Williams of Shelter Island in the Center on a bench warrant June 6 and turned her over to Southampton Town Police.


Peter Gulluscio, Shelter Island, was stopped on New York Avenue June 8 and ticketed for third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle and failing to keep to the right of the roadway.

Speeding tickets were written for Cynthia Andonian, California, on West Neck Road on June 2; Cullen McCarthy, Connecticut on Ram Island Drive on June 3; and Katherine Birch, New York City, on Ram Island Drive June 8.

Carroll Bogert was cited for operating a vehicle on North Ferry Road on June 9 with a suspended or revoked registration.

Patricia Foulkrod, California, was ticketed on New York Avenue June 8 for failing to keep to the right of the roadway.

Anthony Harris, Indiana, was stopped on Winthrop Road on May 31 and cited for operating a vehicle outside of the class for which he is licensed; operating an unregistered vehicle; having insufficient lights and horn; and a registration plate insufficiently secured to the vehicle.

Geovanny Gomez Gonzalez, Shelter Island, was stopped on West Neck Road on June 5 and ticked for an unregistered vehicle and unregistered trailer and inadequate or no stop lights.

Valentin Cardoso, New York City, was cited for camping on Reel Point on June 1.

Gregory Sautner, New Paltz, was ticketed for possession of weakfish in excess of the limit on June 2 in the Greenlawns section.

Luis Perez, New Jersey, was ticketed on Hiberry Lane on June 1 for possession of a black sea bass out of season.

Manuel Feljoo, Ridgewood, N.Y., was cited for having porgies smaller than allowed.

There were several traffic stops at which warnings were issued.

Police issued 20 parking tickets.


A motor vehicle accident occurred on a North Ferry Boat on June 4 when Claudette Bolakas, Kingston, N.Y., failed to place her vehicle in park and accidentally accelerated, striking parked vehicles registered to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., and Scott Buitenkant of Oyster Bay. Ms. Bolakas’ vehicle sustained damage estimated at more than $1,000 while the other two vehicles sustained minor damages.


Police received a report from a man in the Center May 31 who said someone had used fraudulent checks in his name. He said he sustained no financial loss because he had reported the situation to Chase Bank that stopped the transactions.

A juvenile in the Center on June 6 was charged with petit larceny.

A branch reported blocking a stop sign on West Neck Road on June 2 was removed by a Highway Department worker.


The animal control officer (ACO) rescued several turtles from roadways, returning them to ponds near where they were found. One turtle was spotted in a South Ferry line on May 31; one on West Neck on June 1; one in South Ferry Hills on June 4; in Silver Beach on June 4; and in Longview on June 8. Another turtle was rescued in West Neck and taken to the Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons for rehabilitation on June 5.

The ACO was unable to locate any bats in a house in the Heights on June 2. A bat was removed from a Center residence on June 2 and another from a house in Westmoreland on June 5. Two more bats were removed from the house in Westmoreland the following day. Two days later another bat was removed from the Westmoreland house. On June 8 a bat was evicted from a house on West Neck.

A caller on May 31 in Cartwright reported a mother rabbit killed, and her newborns left in a nest, but the orphaned rabbits couldn’t be found when the ACO arrived. On May 31, an injured turkey was reported in Menantic, but flew away upon the ACO’s arrival.

A rat was found in a dumpster on May 31 in the Center.

A caller from the Center reported on June 1 he could no longer care for a cat; the ACO returned the animal to a shelter where it had been adopted.

A caller in Shorewood on June 2 reported a bird with avian pox; the ACO was unable to locate the bird.

The ACO received a call on June 2 of a dog in a vehicle in West Neck, but observed the top of the vehicle and windows open.

The owner of a wandering dog in Hay Beach was called on June 9 to pick up the animal. The following day in the Heights, there was a dog at large and the ACO called the owner who picked up the animal.

There were several calls of dogs on Wades and Crescent beaches; none were found.

A chipmunk found in a window well in the Heights on June 6 was freed by the ACO.

Another caller reported a dog in the Heights on June 3 had attacked a chipmunk. The chipmunk was taken to a vet for humane euthanasia.


Emergency Medical Services personnel responded to nine calls for aid between June 1 and June 9. Two patients were transported to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital; one on June 1 and another on June 6. Six patients were transported to Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital — one on June 1, one on June 2, two on June 7 and two on June 9. One patient was evaluated and refused further medical treatment.