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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: June 26, 2024

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Geremy Puma Vintimilla, Mastic Beach, unregistered vehicle, Brander Parkway, June 14. Peter Comisar, Pacific Palisades, Calif., failure to stop at stop sign on West Neck Road, June 14. Marina Neustadt, Pacific Grove, Calif., failure to stop at stop sign on West Neck Road, June 14.

Gerson Hernandez Cordoba, Greenport, uninspected vehicle, Meadow Place, June 15. William Ware, Ronkonkoma, unregistered motor boat, Jennings Point, June 15. Leonardo Pollutaxi, Brooklyn, undersized porgies, Bootleggers Alley, June 15. Tyler Henritze, Amagansett, unregistered vessel, Coecles Harbor, June 16.

Anthony Harris, Shelter Island, insufficient light/horn, motorcycle, North Midway Road June 16.

Kimberly Foster, Westport, Conn., failure to stop at stop sign, West Neck Road, June 18. Manrique Mosquera, failure to yield right-of-way at stop sign, unlicensed operator, West Neck Road, June 18. Daniel Harkin, Mattituck, speeding 48 mph in 35-mph zone, St. Mary’s Road, June 18.

Isai Camacho, Shelter Island, windshield non-transparent, unlicensed operator, June 19, West Neck Road.

Gillian Georges, East Hampton, inadequate stop lamps, North Ferry Road, June 19.

William Clemens, Riverside, Conn., failure to stop at stop sign, New York Avenue, June 19.

Shelter Island and New York State police conducted commercial motor vehicle checkpoints on South Ferry Road and Grand Avenue on June 20, resulting in 94 violations; 10 trucks taken out of service; four drivers taken out of service; and 51 uniform traffic tickets for the 33 trucks inspected.


On June 14, Christopher Walden of East Marion reported that his parked car on Summerfield Place was struck by a car driven by Ariel Levy of New York City, causing damage to the front and rear passenger door of his vehicle and the left rear quarter panel of the other vehicle.


On June 14, a caller reported a car driving on the cart path at the Shelter Island Country Club. The driver reportedly said he was looking for the Recycling Center. A caller reported on the 15th a lost driver asking for directions to the Recycling Center, as well.

A complaint of two missing fish pots in the Nicoll’s Point area was received on June 14. Police responded to noise complaints on the 15th, 17th and 18th; they were resolved.

Marine units responded to a distress call on June 15, aiding the search for a vessel that was later found. On the 16th, a marine unit investigated a report of a boat drifting off Ram Island and determined there were no problems.

 A complainant in the Heights on June 17 asked police for an affidavit of trespass for an individual due to ongoing work-related issues.

A theft of service report from the South Ferry was investigated and resolved on the 18th. A report of a person jumping into traffic that day was resolved.

A marine unit responded to a mayday call on the 19th; a vessel reportedly taking on water was able to return to Three-mile Harbor without assistance. A Center complainant said she was nearly struck by a vehicle when she attempted to assist a turtle in the roadway on the 20th.

Police responded to a domestic dispute; conducted school crossing duty; performed a well-being check; provided a lift assist; assisted with a locked vehicle; changed a tire for a motorist; assisted with fingerprinting; performed court duty; and completed marine training.

Police conducted distracted driving enforcement in the Center on the 16th, 19th and 20th, resulting in four warnings and four tickets. Police advised the owner of a tent on a Ram Island beach, who was leaving, of the Town Code. Bicycles riding four abreast in Hay Beach were reported on the 15th; they were gone when the officer responded. 


On June 14, the animal control officer (ACO) freed a raccoon trapped in Hay Beach. The ACO assisted two turtles on the road on June 15 and brought a nest of baby rabbits disturbed by a dog in Menantic to a wildlife rehabilitator. A baby possum reported in Menantic was found by ACO to be an adult mouse.

The ACO advised a caller on caring for newborn kittens on the 17th. A caller reported while walking their dog on a leash in the HiLo area, the dog had been bitten by an unleashed dog on June 17. The ACO advised the owner of the second dog that it must not be roaming unleashed.

A bat was removed from a Center house on June 18, as was a garter snake from a West Neck house. An injured bluejay that day was brought to a wildlife rehabilitator. The ACO collected four baby rabbits whose nest was discovered by a dog in Cartwright on the 19th; the ACO will bottle-feed them until they are ready to be released.


Police and Shelter Island Fire departments responded to a smoke alarm in the Center on June 16 and determined it was a false alarm. SIFD and SIPD responded to an alarm in South Ferry Hills on the 18th and confirmed it was due to a power loss. SIFD and SIPD responded to an alarm in the Center on June 19; there were no signs of smoke or fire. SIFD and SIPD responded to an alarm in Silver Beach on the 20th; it was a false alarm.


Traffic control officers issued 38 parking tickets this week.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services responded to cases on June 15, 16, 19 and 20, transporting six individuals to Eastern Long Island Hospital. Persons evaluated by EMS on the 15th and 16th declined transport.