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Susan Carey Dempsey

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12/06/19 6:00am

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In Susan Carey Dempsey’s recent conversation with Sergeant Terry LeGrady, they discuss the recent loss of LeGrady’s former NYPD partner Det. Brian Simonsen and the Shelter Island community’s outpouring of support in the months that followed.

12/04/19 2:00pm

Philanthropists and/or lunatics decided to simultaneously run into the bay.

A hardy crowd of 126 plungers braved an exceptionally cold day to raise funds for the Shelter Island Public Library on Saturday, Nov. 30 in what has become a popular community event. Traditionally held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, plunging into the bay offers a few minutes of excruciating cold to atone for the excesses of the holiday feast. (more…)

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11/28/19 2:00pm

SUSAN CAREY DEMPSEY PHOTO The original dining room table of the Carey clan where, remarkably, everyone found a place.

My mother, Helen, could turn out the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, all according to her Fannie Farmer cookbook. But the real challenge was the size of the family to be fed, a lively brood of nine boys and five girls. (more…)

11/27/19 2:00pm

Ms. Dempsey explored the joy of cranberry this holiday season.

In the grand opera that is the Thanksgiving dinner, one of my favorite players is the unpretentious cranberry. Growing on long vines in sandy marshes, they’re primarily harvested in the Northeast, then millions of pounds of them are turned into jelly cylinders engraved with the grooves of Ocean Spray cans, where they make a command performance once a year on Thanksgiving tables.