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08/19/19 1:00am

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Bill Geist’s reports on CBS Sunday Morning have entertained us for more than 30 years and now the Shelter Island resident has published a memoir called “Lake of the Ozarks: My Surreal Summers in a Vanishing America.”

Susan Carey Dempsey recently spoke with Geist at his home on the Island, covering everything from his new book, his newspaper and television career and the magic of Shelter Island.

08/11/19 11:00am

Courtesy Photo Christina Alger’s ‘Girls Like Us,’ debuted at Number 13 on The New York Times bestseller list last month.

Cristina Alger has perfected the character of the smart, spunky heroine, which she showcased in “The Banker’s Wife,” last year’s successful novel. She’s followed up that tour de force with a crime novel this summer, “Girls Like Us,” which debuted at Number 13 on The New York Times bestseller list last month.


07/21/19 11:00am

Rock Creek Kings won radio station WEHM’s Real Band Battle on June 20.

Shelter Island musician Erich Collins Carey is savoring the win of his band, Rock Creek Kings, at radio station WEHM’s Real Band Battle on June 20. 


07/10/19 4:30pm

Cheesing with cheese. Reeve Andrew displays a wide variety of cheeses at the King Andrew cheese wagon.

The roadsides are blooming with summer’s bounty 

The farm stands of Shelter Island have sprung to life.

In the wake of a spring that seemed determined to hold back the summer season, with frequent and heavy rains curtailing outdoor human activities, they were also soaking into the ground, benefiting some crops while inhibiting others. By last weekend, the stalls at the Havens Farmers Market on the Shelter Island Historical Society’s grounds were filled with flowers and plump vegetables, in contrast to the sparse supplies when they opened on Memorial Day weekend.  (more…)

07/05/19 2:00pm

The colorful Aviation cocktail at SALT.

After a summer that took a while to launch, with a cold, rainy spring that overstayed its welcome, we have reached the 4th of July week, when weekends stretch into weeks of vacation time and relaxation begins to sink in. What better way to segue from a sunny beach day to a soft summer evening than a visit to one of our local establishments to wind down? We live in a resort town, after all, so why not savor their best hospitality? Pull up a barstool for yourself, and one for a friend. Feeling like you have all the time in the world, let an expert prepare you a libation that takes some careful curating – or shaking, or stirring.