09/09/19 10:00am

Our columnist, with what he described as a ‘pretty’ false albacore.

We’ve rounded the last turn and are heading down the home stretch toward the last weeks of local fishing for the year.

Historically, the fall has been the best time to get out on the water and chase a variety of fish that have, under normal conditions, always come our way as the waters cooled. The bluefish and striped bass, which usually show up over the summer, were a huge disappointment to almost all of us from Shelter Island, with “catch counts” at all time lows and the fish caught generally paltry in size.

09/05/19 8:00am

The winners and their trophies with Darren Binder on the left.

It was all about fishing fun in the sun during the Shelter Island Lions Club annual kids’ Snapper Derby on Saturday, Aug. 31. Kid contestants up to 14 years old were geared up with fishing rods and snapper rigs all over Island beaches, bridges and boats.


07/27/19 8:00am

This crumble is great with any berries.

A crumble for any berry.

It’s a bear market. By which I mean when I go to the market, I behave like a bear; gathering berries with my paws, bringing them home to my den, and consuming them quickly and voraciously. 


09/04/18 2:00pm
SCOTT FEIERSTEIN PHOTO The crowd waits patiently for the awards ceremony to begin.

Proud winners of the 2018 Annual Snapper Derby.

Kids with snapper rigs on their poles were all over the Island’s beaches, bridges and boats during the 2018 Annual Kids Snapper Derby on Saturday, September 1.