10/06/19 3:00pm


While pre-habbing for a hip replacement in two weeks, Codger has been reading a book so scary in its planetary prognosis that he has hardly had time to think about his own moldy bones.

If you believe in science, it’s time to pray. Within the lifetime of Codger’s children and grandchildren, it will become too hot to work outside in many parts of the world. By that time, of course, people there may have already died of thirst or drowned. (more…)

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10/02/19 10:00am

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It’s likely the Town Board will issue a special permit to applicants who want to build a single family residence of 9,200 square feet, with an 1,800 square foot accessory building, bringing the total living space to 11,000 square feet. (more…)

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09/09/19 12:00pm


Town Attorney Bob DeStefano Jr. is drafting a resolution for the Town Board’s consideration at its Sept. 20 meeting on a controversial building application. (more…)

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08/02/19 8:00am


Elizabeth Pedersen
To the Editor:
Elizabeth Pedersen fought and underwent treatment for one of the most deadly cancers for four years.

All of that time, she worked tirelessly with her husband, Bill, and her colleagues at the Shelter Island Historical Society to create a state-of-the-art facility for the safe preservation of treasures Islanders have donated, and for the education of generations to come in our Island’s history. Fortunately she lived, undoubtedly against all odds and with pain, just long enough to see the recent and stunning completion of her vision. (more…)

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08/01/19 8:00am

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The way to win friends in the area of Bootleggers Alley and Nostrand Parkway is to demonstrate a means of improving water quality for them.

That message was voiced by Councilman Jim Colligan at Tuesday’s Town Board work session to Southampton attorney Bailey Larkin, representing Seth and Bonnie Harris. (more…)