03/24/19 3:00pm

Hungry chicks with mouths agape wait for parents to return to the nest with food.

Throughout the winter, hikers at Mashomack Preserve have come back to the Visitor Center exclaiming, “Could I have seen a bluebird out in the fields?” 

The answer is yes! A few of New York’s state birds do stick around during the cold weather, eating fruits and berries instead of the normal insect diet of the warmer months.


07/06/18 10:00am


When I began my career in journalism as a sportswriter, I’d often engage in the same conversation with people. When someone heard I covered sports, they would excitedly inquire whether I covered the Jets or Yankees or some other professional team in New York.

It seemed like everyone’s initial assumption was that my life was spent hanging out with professional athletes, traveling the country and smoking cigars with A-Rod on a yacht. (more…)

02/11/16 12:00pm


My mornings start the same way each day.

Thump. Thump. Mama. Dada. Mama. Dada. (Repeat, repeat, repeat …)

This happens sometime between 4:45 and 6:45 a.m., pretty much without fail.

It’s fairly safe to say I’ve never been much of a morning person; my wife even less so. Our 2-year-old son? That’s when he does his best work. (more…)

04/25/15 8:00am


Kids, by nature, are scorekeepers. Meaning they’re constantly comparing what they have — or more specifically, what they don’t have — with other kids, and keeping track.

I know this because I was a kid and I knew plenty of other kids, too. We all kept score, whether it was a blockbuster movie another classmate got to see first, a neighbor’s vacation to Disney World or trip to Action Park, or everyone having Reebok Pumps except for you. (more…)

04/16/15 12:00pm
PETER WALDNER ILLUSTRATION | One of Peter Waldner's Paw Print cartoons that originally appeared in the Reporter.

PETER WALDNER ILLUSTRATION | One of Peter Waldner’s Paw Print cartoons that originally appeared in the Reporter.

The Reporter’s cartoonist, Peter Waldner, will tell why “I’m Not Doing This for the Money!” at Friday Night Dialogues on April 17 at 7 p.m. at the Shelter Island Library. (more…)