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07/29/19 4:30pm

Shelter Island’s own Aterahme Lawrence is a finalist in the Miss New York competition, in which the winner will move forward to the Miss USA pageant.

Aterahme Lawrence, who not so long ago was an outstanding volleyball player for Shelter Island High School, has finished college and aims to bring more glory to the town she loves as a finalist in the Miss New York pageant. (more…)

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07/29/19 12:00pm


Consider other options
To the Editor:
When Bennett Konesni and Eben Fiske Ostby inherited Sylvester Manor grounds and made the vital decision to transform the property to create a nonprofit educational farm, it was a game changer for the community.

Privately owned grounds could be easily turned into a luxury housing development. Instead of putting more pressure on the land and a fragile water aquifer, extensive grounds are now open to the public and the Manor House museum and organic farm were established. (more…)