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Lions Club announces scholarships: Shelter Island 2023 high school graduates may apply

Shelter Island students graduating from high school have many opportunities for financial aid to support their future endeavors, thanks to families and organizations who have sponsored scholarships.

Now, the Shelter Island Lions Club has announced two WE SERVE Scholarship Awards (“We Serve” is the Lions Club motto) for high school seniors residing on Shelter Island; one for a student studying to earn a bachelor’s degree and the other for a student entering a trade school, associates program, apprenticeship or certification program.

The awards will be made on the basis of the applicant’s character, interests, scholarship need, a promise of future leadership and community service.

All students that have an active WE SERVE attitude and lifestyle should apply.

The Scholarships are described below:

A student seeking a Bachelor’s degree. This award is an $8,000 scholarship to be paid out over the recipient’s eight semesters of school.

A student seeking an associates degree, or attending a trade school, apprenticeship, or certification program. This award is a $4,000 scholarship to be dispersed over the duration of the program.

The contents of the student’s application should showcase their commitment to work, community and service.

Additionally, the Lions Club will again be funding the Jack Monaghan award to a Shelter Island High School graduating senior.

Applications can be found on The Shelter Island Lions Club website shelterislandlions.org/scholarship-application-form/. The application deadline is May 17, 2023.