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04/01/19 2:00pm


A lifeline
To the Editor:
The recent article regarding Winthrop discontinuing Dr. Kelt’s contract is disturbing (“Supe: We’ll sue for better med services,” March 21). Charlie and I have had many primary care doctors throughout our lives and have found Dr. Kelt to be the best of them all. Cancelling his contract is like cutting off our lifeline to good health. (more…)

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03/26/19 10:00am

John Stephen Doherty

Steve Doherty passed away on March 15, 2019 at age 94.

Born in Manhattan on November 17, 1924 and raised in Queens, Steve served in World War II and the Korean War. He graduated with a Masters in Playwriting from Yale University on the GI Bill.

09/08/18 8:00am
COURTESY PHOTO First responders at the scene of a boat fire after two people were rescued.

COURTESY PHOTO First responders at the scene of a boat fire on August 25 after two people were rescued.

Life savers

As summer wanes and the recreational boating season winds down, we send a hearty “thank you” to the ones who keep us safe on the waters surrounding our Island.

This was demonstrated in dramatic fashion on the afternoon of the last Saturday of August. Bay Constable Butch Labrozzi, on patrol, rushed to a scene that without quick reactions, calm demeanor and steady procedures could have ended in fatalities. (more…)