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06/24/19 4:30pm


Two hundred people attended the first Jewish worship service at the White House during the Nixon era when the president wanted to encourage religious unity.

Fifty-thousand people attended the three-day Denver Pop Festival that would be overshadowed two months later by Woodstock in New York.

Life Magazine announced the retirement of photo journalist Margaret Bourke-White, who would succumb to Parkinson’s Disease two years later.

The Stonewall uprising, said to be the beginning of the Gay  Pride Movement, started with New York City Police carrying out an early morning raid at the gay bar in Greenwich Village.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)

05/15/19 2:00pm

Amy Cerullo and her children Joey and Kyla.

The Reporter recently discovered that its advertising executive Amy Cerullo​ moonlights as “The Buzz Chew Girl.” We caught up with her to find out what it’s like to be the star of the auto dealer’s commercials.


10/26/18 12:00pm

On November 6, voters who are inclined to cast their ballots will go to the polls. Many thousands won’t bother to vote. There are many excuses people put up for not bothering to vote, but they are just that, excuses. In this democracy, the right to vote is the foundation of everything. Not to vote is to self-censor, to say you are a nobody and don’t care who runs the machinery of government and how your hard-earned money is spent. (more…)

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03/09/18 12:00pm


For generations, the classified pages of the Reporter has been the go-to source for people on Shelter Island in search of a new job, an upcoming yard sale or a used car.

The classifieds section has provided a platform for people to both buy and sell goods and services and has been an integral part of the newspaper. (more…)