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Shelter Island Reporter editorials: June 20, 2024

Seeking new owner for the Reporter

We have owned the Shelter Island Reporter for the last 25 years and the time has come for the next generation of ownership.

It has been our life’s work to cover the Island as community journalists and a responsibility that we take very seriously. The economics of our business and Shelter Island have changed, forcing us to adapt. During the last 25 years there has been a decline of small, locally-owned businesses, and an increase in off-Island ownership groups. This impacts our advertising base.

We have started the process to seek a new owner to position the Reporter for the next generation. 

This process will take time, but we wanted to communicate this clearly and directly.

Andrew Olsen, Publisher, Times Review Media Group

A special day in the sun

Mr. Murphy must have missed the boat Saturday. His infamous law was nowhere to be found before, during or after the 45th annual running of the Shelter Island 10K. There were many opportunities for things to go wrong, but none did.

Murphy’s Law was banished by a heroic community effort, where individuals, groups, the Police Department and Town government worked seamlessly for the common good. They, along with the crowds of Islanders who showed up on a summer day, and the inspiring athletes of all ages, levels and conditions, made it a day to remember.

The Police Department, under the direction of Chief Jim Read, did a remarkable job of keeping everyone safe without ham-handed tactics.

Even the officers stopping traffic to answer questions or directing motorists toward detours were courteous, informative and professional.

Special thanks also goes to the Highway Department, led by Superintendent Ken Lewis. Crews filled potholes and repaved sections to give the race smooth surfaces.

The sport of long distance running is done outside, and not in enclosed stadiums with digitized beer ads and a trip to the concession stand requiring a preliminary meeting with your bank manager. Shelter Island is perfect for the sport of distance races. Not just for the physical beauty, but for the spirit of those who turn out to cheer the athletes on their quests.

We sing the praises here to Race Director Mary Ellen Adipietro and her team, along with hundreds of volunteers they led who made Saturday happen.

We’ll say it again: Thank you for your time and tireless work. Your community salutes you.