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Island Drought, or ‘abnormally dry?’



Depending on whose data you’re using, drought conditions on Shelter Island are either “abnormally dry” or headed for removal from the list of New York communities that have been under a drought warning for months.
Water Advisory Committee member Greg Toner, who compiles reports for the town, concluded that two agencies putting out the data may not be in close contact with one another.

The National Integrated Drought Information System continues to list Shelter Island as likely to be removed from the list by the end of April. But  the Northeast Regional Climate Center lists the town as “abnormally dry.”

What well readings show is that recharge to the aquifer has started on the Island, but at a slightly lower rate than is typical in March, Mr. Toner said. While he said he has no serious concern, he hopes “good size rains are on their way.”

He suggests that Islanders continue to voluntarily conserve their water usage.

There are four test wells with readings above their median levels for March, but seven slightly below while two are at their typical median levels for March.

Those that are above their median readings are Rocky Point Avenue/Belvedere, Big Ram Island, Brander/Lilliput and Little Ram.

The two that are equal to their median readings are Menantic Road and Dering Harbor.

The others that are slightly down from median readings are Manhansett, Manwaring Road, Congdon, Deer Park Lane, Hay Beach, Goat Hill and Shorewood.

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