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Shelter Island Reporter Police blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Ticketed for speeding in the 25-mph zone on New York Avenue were: Blake A. Boudreau of Wading River on October 5, clocked at 38 mph, and Bree A. Evans of Marlborough, Connecticut on October 6 at 35 mph.

Officers who conducted radar enforcement on October 4 on Menantic, South Ferry, Cartwright and West Neck roads issued two verbal warnings to drivers.

An officer issued a verbal warning during radar enforcement in the Heights on October 5.

There were no violations noted during radar enforcement in the Center and on Manwaring and West Neck roads on October 6 or in the South Ferry area on October 7.

An officer who responded just after 10 p.m. on October 3 to a call from a Center resident about a loud banging noise on the caller’s property found nothing amiss.

A Cartwright caller reported a possible speeding truck on October 4; the truck driver told the responding officer he had not been speeding but that a tank in a dumpster on the back of the truck had been making a lot of noise when being driven down the roadway.

A smoke alarm that sounded at Hay Beach residence late on October 4 was determined by the Shelter Island Fire Department to have been caused by a faulty smoke detector.

Police were investigating repeated calls received early in the morning on October 5.

An automated burglary alarm that sounded at a Heights residence October 5 was found to have been caused by a key left accidentally by the caretaker in the front door lock. An alarm at a West Neck residence the next day was caused by a basement motion detector; no sign of criminal activity was found.

Police opened an investigation October 6 after a property owner reported incidents with a tenant.

A West Neck caller reported losing a wallet on October 6.

On October 7: A Center caller reported a vehicle speeding and crossing a double yellow line but the responding officer was unable to locate it; a Heights caller who complained that a neighbor was violating a Shelter Island Heights Property Owners Corporation rule relating to noise was told the department does not enforce the association’s rules; and, an officer on patrol in the Center observed the odor of a dead animal and located the rotting carcass of a deer covered in maggots. As the Highway Department was not immediately available to remove the carcass, the officer covered it with trash bags.

In the wee hours of October 8, an officer assisted a caller around who was seeking to have his car returned to him, and when a West Neck caller reported loud music, the person responsible lowered the volume when asked to do so by the responding officer.

Later, a Center caller disturbed by noise associated with early morning tree cutting at a neighbor’s property was advised by the responding officer that there is no restriction on Sunday work.

Also that day, the Animal Control Officer found a dead turkey after a Cartwright caller reported an injured bird and a Center caller complained that a neighbor’s outdoor lighting shines on to her property in violation of the Town Code.

On October 9, a West Neck caller reported that a loose dog was on the beach and roadway chasing passersby. The owner secured the dog.

A caller complained October 9 that a tree service was cutting down trees on town property on Ram Island; the responding officer found that no work was being done on town property and was informed by the service that trees removed from the private property were going to be replaced by new evergreens.

Later, a South Ferry caller who reported receiving a counterfeit $20, turned it over to police.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported aided cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on once on October 5; twice on October 3 and October 7; and on October 8 evaluated an aided case who did not require transport.