04/22/17 3:00pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island School

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island School

It’s Family Fun Day Wednesday, April 26, for students and parents interested in exploring activities that would be part of a YMCA program in East Hampton that would be tacked on to Shelter Island School’s half-day summer educational program. (more…)

05/17/16 9:47pm
JULIE LANE PHOTO The vote was in and he knew the budget had passed, but Superintendent Leonard Skuggevik was too tense to relax and enjoy the victory.

JULIE LANE PHOTO  Superintendent Leonard Skuggevik moments after he was informed the school budget had passed with the necessary margin of victory.

The Shelter Island School community is breathing a sigh of relief tonight after the $10.96 million budget received a vote just over the 60 percent needed to secure approval. The final tally was 311 yes to 205 no votes or 60.27 percent giving their assent. (more…)