Mens Bowling: Terms and Rollers on top in position round

The table was set last week with this season’s position round. The match between the Holy Rollers and the Dory Termites was split with the Termites getting the 1-point edge with their 6-point win. Oops! My mistake, that was the Dory Terminators. Not much excitement for a game that was between the two top teams. BJ Volenski unable to make it; he was last seen swimming across the bay with Green Card in hand.

The third place Louie’s Clippers dropped the ball this week in their 8-point loss to the Thunderballs. For the Clips, Kevin Lechmanski rolled the high game of 217 along with the high series of 538. This was just not enough, with little support from his teammates. The Thunderballs rolled the third-high team game of 1011 along with the third-high series of 2942. For the TBalls, Kevin Barry rolled the second-high series of 495. Denny “Clam” Clark picked up the 4-6-7 split. And once again Keith Clark was seen laid back and going along for the ride.

The Misfits took the 1-point edge in their match against the Pharmaceuticals in their 6-point win. While the Misfits rolled the second-high game of 1022 and second-high series of 2961, they were nudged out by the Pharms who rolled the high game of 1056 and high series of 3003. Bruce Taplin, remaining vertical somehow, managed to pick up the 4-10 split. For the Misfits, Stanley Blados rolled the third-high series 479, 53 pins over his average.

Rumor has it that Stanley was on a tear for high game of the year only to be talked out of it by teammate Bruce. Stanley had to settle for a 208. For the Pharms Stanley Beckwith rolled the third-high game of 192. Once again the sleeping giant Scott “One shot” Einstine came through for the Pharms proving that he has more than one shot per season. Scott rolled 81 pins over his average earning himself once again Bowler of the Week honors. Scott has now passed Jon Wilutis for most improved bowler by a mere 4/100 of a pin.

The Legionnaires managed another win, this week taking 8 points from the Under Achievers. There was a scary moment Friday night as Father Peter was seen in the back room while the machines were being worked on. My first thoughts were that he was giving the machines last rites, but he kindly explained that he was giving first rights. Out of desperation, the Achievers drafted Bob Hall. Nice golf scores Bob, but you have to do better next week. For the ’Naires Father Peter picked up the 3-10 split. Also for the ’Naires, Chris Chobor was a big asset for his team, rolling 72 pins over his average.

And just for the record, Keith and Dave Clark still have most unimproved honors with Bruce sliding into Denny’s spot.

Men’s Bowling Week #15


Holy Rollers 112.0 53.0 .679

Dory Terminators 94.5 70.5 .573

Louie’s Clippers 90.0 75.0 .546

Pharmaceuticals 88.0 77.0 .533

Thunderballs 85.0 80.0 .515

Under Achievers 67.5 94.5 .417

Misfits 63.0 99.0 .389

Legionnaires 57.0 108.0 .345