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To the Editor:
Well, all the banter about “dark skies” and now we have a law. So now we are up to “snuff” with the Hamptons. They have had the dark skies law for some time.

I have advertised Shelter Island as the UN-Hampton for years in my real estate advertising. Recently I have changed to the NU-Hampton, since we have become the summer of one fundraising event after the other. But now that we are in line with the Hamptons with our new legislation and it seems more new rules to come, I shall start advertising as Shelterhampton, once known as Shelter Island.

With all of the commentary throughout the Reporter on the subject, it certainly appears that this new law has not made too many people happy! What has happened to our “little” Island? It seems we will be looking over our shoulder at every turn — it’s getting a little scary out there.

Then the editorial last week was an insult to the Republican Committee. Full of half truths. Take a nano second and Google, “What is a Republican,” and let me know why the editorial choose to depict the Republicans as not aware of what is happening within the shores of our “little” Island.

And when you decide to let me know, I will then tell you about my day in court over a temporary “Open House” sign (a tool for my business). More unnecessary legislation to further inhibit one’s ability to function. A few weeks ago someone wrote a letter referring to the wonders of Shelter Island and commented, that perhaps this was all a facade; this great “little” Island and the beauty of it all. The bank had horrible bright lights! I think there is some kind of rule about banks having proper lights at night. I think I will Google that too.

As the banner in the Chequit says, “Somehow this tight little island will survive.” It was placed there many, many years ago, and yes, the “little” Island is surviving!

Ahhh! Me!

Shelter Island

An alternative

To the Editor:
I certainly agree with the Fire Department that residents should evacuate endangered sections of Shelter Island, Ram Island being one, when being told to evacuate. If residents choose to stay and risk their own safety, that is their choice. However, if having not heeded the warning, the situation worsens and the homeowner wishes help, it is wrong to expect our brave volunteers to risk their lives.

That said, we all live in a geographically unique and vulnerable environment. We have good notice for many disasters, but not all. Nature can be swift, cruel, and sometimes its intensity is unexpectedly overwhelming.

Some storms are of lesser intensity than Sandy, do not prompt a formal evacuation, yet Shelter Island residents might be desperate. The right vehicle could someday help assist any one of us, and keep our volunteers safe, if nature surprises our Island and makes things very difficult on a very bad night.

Emergency equipment is very expensive. If there ever are funds or grants available to purchase a robust emergency vehicle, it should be considered.

President, Ram Island Association

With gratitude to all

To the Editor:
Last Saturday the Shelter Island Cricket Club hosted its second annual International Cricket Match in aid of the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation. The donations are still coming in but so far we have raised over $15,000.
For cricketers, spectators and fête goers alike it was as close to the perfect day as could be hoped. So many people played a part in achieving this. While obvious thanks to the Weather Gods is clearly due, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank some local Islanders — individuals and organizations — without whose generosity, efforts and manpower there would have been no event:

James Brantuck of the Island Boatyard, Keith and Ali of SALT, Sam Case of the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation, Cliff Clark of South Ferry, the Shelter Island 10K Community Fund, Robert Strauss of Shelter Island Party Rentals, Superintendent Jay Card Jr. of the

, the Shelter Island Fire Department, Darren and ‘Min’ Binder, Gerry Siller of Grady Riley Garden Center, Greg Nissen of Camp Quinipet, Garth Griffin of  the Shelter Island School, Russell Smith, Shelter Island Sanitation, and the editorial staff of the Reporter.

In addition we owe great thanks to our many other on- and off-Island sponsors, donors, supporters, players and attendees. Whatever role you played, thank you all so much for being an integral part of making the second annual Shelter Island Cricket Match the huge success it was.

Co-founders, Shelter Island Cricket Club