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Dering Harbor mayor calls for resignations of two ZBA members

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Dering Harbor Village Hall.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Dering Harbor Village Hall.

At the Village of Dering Harbor Board of Trustees meeting February 3, Mayor John Colby urged those with litigation against the village to “drop these cases … they hurt us all.”

He also asked for the resignation of two Zoning Board of Appeals members because they have a conflict of interest based on the latest complaint filed against the village. With two ZBA members in conflict, he added, it jeopardizes the efficacy of the ZBA.

Sources familiar with the issue said that the two officials asked to resign are ZBA Chairman Tim Hogue and member Marian Brownlie.

In other business: Board members voted to set a public hearing March 3 legislating the height and front yard setback of fences and hedges within the village. Basically, the height of fences would be set at no more than 4 feet with a setback of 4 feet from the roadway. It was reported that a 4-foot fence should not be placed on top of a berm.

Audit Committee volunteer Jonathan Cary reported he had reviewed finances for the past three years and found that most revenues came from tax receipts — some $320,000. The rest of the income came from grants. He noted that the village spends $165,000 on employee wages, $30,000 for insurance, $84,000 for incidentals and $60,000 for legal fees. He added that the Village is spending $15,000 more than it took in.

“We have to get more revenues or adjust expenses,” he said.

The adoption of the final audit was approved.

The installation of a new water tower was discussed. Mayor Colby will supervise the $495,000 project with Melville’s H2M Engineering managing the contractors.

A report showed that all village roads were plowed and salted during snowfalls, and that repairs needed for a Gardiner’s Bay Country Club road section would be carried out with Community Housing Improvement Program funds.

An irrigation well application from 24 Shore Road was approved by the building inspector. It was also reported that the Shore Road naming committee wants to” get rid of the confusion” because of other Shore Roads on the Island. Names are being submitted.

Resident Stephanie Deutsch voiced her frustration in dealing with obvious code violations. “What do we do?” she asked, adding that the code needs to be straightforward.

Mr. Colby agreed that enforcement and the Architectural Review Board’s code “need work.” He said that the board was looking into hiring a code enforcer.

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 3 at 10 a.m.