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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: Dec. 7, 2023

Thanksgiving memory

To the Editor:

Thank you to Susan Carey Dempsey for the delightful column, “The Feast of Disaster Averted” (Nov. 23).

I especially loved the reference to the part of the turkey known as the oyster. I had not heard that in years. The oyster was always my mother’s favorite part to give to the youngest (me) since it was the most tender and easiest to chew.

When serving it, she used to announce it in almost reverential tones. She could be dramatic. Thanks for the memory, especially at Thanksgiving.


Whose aquifer?

To the Editor:

After reading the recent Nov. 30  article about the intent of Gardiner’s Bay Country Club to double its water consumption, I felt compelled to express concern and opposition.

As our town continues to grow and weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable,  our aquifer deserves additional protection, and should not be put at increased risk for the benefit of a very limited few.

Additionally, as I understand it, perhaps as many as 35-40% of that club’s members are not even residents  of Shelter Island!

Also, the suggestion to use a temporary “off season” water surplus is not ecologically justifiable looking long term. If/when a surplus might exist, it needs to be kept as an emergency reserve, analogous to someone having an emergency savings account, to be held as a safeguard against emergencies.

To use/drain from that reserve as a “solution”  or ongoing plan, is just putting us further along to potentially serious ecological deficits in our aquifer and community viability — already facing growing other challenges to our resources, as well.

So, to summarize, this proposal as I understand it, seems to be an unjustifiable effort to basically double their consumption from our aquifer, for the questionable benefits to a very limited few actual Island residents.

It does not seem ecologically sustainable, poses increased risks for us all (with few if any benefits), and  seems rather politically irresponsible at this stage of consideration.  It certainly would benefit from additional, serious review, as indicated.

Speak out. There are just too many examples of “groups, businesses etc.” having significant negative impacts upon our community. Let your voice be heard.

HERB STELLJES, Shelter Island