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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


All working together
To the Editor:
Spring is in the air, although it’s only February, and summer must be just around the corner. How do we know this? The pro and the con proponents of the short-term rental (STRs) regulations are gearing up once again to argue the issues.

However, currently there is a lawsuit in federal court with motions flying back and forth that has both sides in a holding pattern until the legal action is settled (“Short-term rental suit blocks effort to repeal,” February 8).

I applaud Supervisor Gerth’s eagerness to work with both sides to come up with, as he stated, “innovative and creative” solutions to satisfy people on both sides of the issue. We clearly need an equitable solution since this issue has divided families, friends and neighbors. The saying, “Why can’t we all just get along?” should be the theme as we work through our differences.

Our community is way too small to let this issue get in the way of the friendship and the neighborly camaraderie that I have witnessed for the past 50-plus years.

The Shelter Island STR law is expansive enough to allow for revisions that may satisfy both sides of this issue.

There is a lot to work with, so let’s all work together to get this done and move on to the other issues facing our community.
Shelter Island

One equals the other
To the Editor:
Shelter Island water quality/quantity = Suffolk County Water Authority.
Shelter Island

More and more of less and less
To the Editor:
We would like to join several letters of complaints regarding Optimum in the Reporter.

Ever since the takeover from Cablevision, programming has deteriorated or been cancelled (game channel, etc.) while advertising is ever increasing. Films in the Silver Package are mostly B-rated and below. We are getting more and more of less and less with unwarranted increases.

I suppose that we are expected to finance the leveraged takeover from Cablevision and the generous package to management. We are customers and deserve better. Obviously more competition would be in order.
Shelter Island

Discussion and tweaking
To the Editor:
No, Mr. Colligan I did not read your “Sea Grass Management Plan” . It appears however that many of our baymen have. Seems there are issues with your plan. I can only assume you are writing this in response to the New York State Seagrass Protection Act, and a visit from a representative from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in December 2017, who will be enforcing this act — of course with licensing, fines and fees of some sort. The DEC is self funded, from what I understand.

As I stated in the comment section of the article on the Reporter web site, “Here We Go Again!” There are several other comments as well, with responses.

I always thought the town attorney wrote such documents and they were put before the Town Board for discussion and tweaking. I would like to hear from the rest of the board on this matter. It seems that the baymen would like too as well.
Shelter Island

Drivers needed
To the Editor:
Volunteers positively affect people’s lives and are required in order to provide community based help.

Right now, the Senior Services Center needs drivers to help provide free transportation for clients to and from medical appointments and treatment centers, and for other errands.

Volunteer drivers contribute to the success of keeping our older neighbors and friends in their homes and part of this community.

If you can provide some time, for information please call the Senior Services Office at (631) 749-1059. Thank you!
Senior Programs Manager
Senior Services Director