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News from Shelter Island’s Goat Hill — Opening the 2024 season

We’re back!

On March 15, 2024, play resumes at the Shelter Island Country Cub. After a couple of months of rest for the grass, getting a new restaurateur, and other fun off-season activities, we have scheduled reopening of the course for March 15 for walking only. The honor box is in place as the pro shop will not be open.

On March 29, 2024, which is Easter weekend, the pro shop will be open and we will begin allowing carts back on the course. The second tee box will be open for the first time, with carts to stop behind the box (not on it) and then continue around it to the second fairway.

We are working with the town on the grading issue, but take it slow for now. Enjoy hitting from this new tee as part of our decade-long tee restoration project. As we move around the course and begin work on other tee boxes, we will share our progress.

We also want to remind players who come out to “Walk the Goat” that the course will be undergoing season-opening maintenance and care throughout the next few weeks, so be aware before you swing to make sure it’s clear of our dedicated team members.

They’ll be placing benches, setting out ball washers, maintaining hole signs, setting ropes and directional signs, and other work necessary to ensure a great round of golf for everyone.

We also want to make the membership and our non-member patrons aware of pending work on the second and third fairways by the Suffolk County Water Authority, as they work on new wells and piping under the recently announced management of Shelter Island water contracts.

There may be a time, due to construction, course damage and repair, or general safety, in which we make the responsible decision to close off holes 2 and 3 for a day or two of play. We expect the work to be done before play really gets going, so hopefully it is not much of a disruption.

That being said, we remind membership and patrons that the town owns the golf course and our Club is subject to the necessary interruptions for the sake of our community. This is a small price given the possible increase in potable water for our neighbors and friends.

With this opening, we want to remind our members and community to be mindful while on the course or around it of our team for their safety. We will be open for golf, but the team will also begin performing ground maintenance for the full-time opening, which includes groundwork, tree clearing, and other work in areas you may not see.

We appreciate your consideration and awareness during play. We also ask that you use caution when moving about the clubhouse area, as our new restaurateur, Jim Lang, works on preparing the restaurant and kitchen for his season.

Again, we thank our membership and community for your patience during the winter months as we give the course a chance to breathe and heal while performing routine upkeep and get a head start on 2024. We look forward to seeing everyone at our first event or on the first tee.