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Chase branch is staying on Island; Gerth confirms recent conversation with bank officials

Promise made. Promise kept.

That’s Supervisor Gary Gerth’s take on the status of Chase Bank remaining on Shelter Island.

Last spring rumors surfaced that Chase would close its Shelter Island branch, going the way of Capital One’s branch in the fall of 2017.

It wasn’t long before the Chase rumors turned into fact.

Account holders began asking how they would function here, and business owners — such as restaurants in summer months — wouldn’t be able to make after-hours cash deposits.

Elderly residents, told they could use Chase branches on either the North or South forks, were concerned about the need to take a ferry to handle their banking business.

Mr. Gerth set up a meeting with Chase officials to appeal the decision to close the Island’s branch. In June, he arrived at the local branch ready to make his case to Chase Marketing Director Candace Cartiglia, but before he could begin, the official told him he had already won his case.

She had done her homework and realized the inconvenience Islanders would face if the branch closed, he was told.

This month, to ensure the promise made in June is still valid, he had a conference call with bank officials who confirmed that nothing had changed.

“Everything seems to be good,” Mr. Gerth said, calling the presence of Chase on the Island “critical.”