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Tom Speeches wrote to us that last week’s photo (see below) is of “what’s left of three trees on or near the property line of the old Rasmussen house on the left, and the Town Hall’s parking lot on the right.”

Young William Marshall was right behind Tom, phoning us with the correct identification. Cindi Michalak nailed it on our website as did Jessica Hubbard on Facebook.

The Highway Department has started work to expand the parking lot at Town Hall by opening up space in the adjacent lot. One part of the project can be seen here with the topping of the trees. The town bought the property last year, which includes a 2,900-square-foot, multi-family house on three-quarters of an acre.

Highway Superintendent Brian Sherman told the Town Board last month that the first step involves taking down trees and hedges that separate the lot next to and behind Town Hall from the adjacent lot. Hedges will eventually be replanted, he said.

The crew will be working on weekends to diminish the inconvenience to town workers and neighbors still living in the house the town has purchased. Work will include re-grading the existing lot and providing a porous surface and redirecting drainage.

The space behind the house will be separated into two lots — one to accommodate the town and the other for use by the tenants. Grant money repaid to the town for previous projects is being used for the work on the parking lots.