Bucks need housing for players

What are you planning this summer?

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, the Bucks want you. On May 27, members of the Island’s Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League team are due to arrive on the Island for two months. As has been the case for the past eight years, they need places to stay.

Who are these college students who come to the Island each summer? They come as strangers, but leave with a feeling that they are part of your family. 

Players are held to strict team rules and, of course, rules of your household. They are held to curfews and understand that violations will result in the end of their league play. Problems have been extremely scarce through the years and immediately handled by team managers.

Julie O’Shea and Adam Bundy are handling the effort to find host families for team members. They’re ready to offer you a number of reasons to step up to the plate:

• Hosting a Buck or two is likely to offer the beginning of lifelong relationships with these young men.

• Your children will have the opportunity to go to baseball clinics with the Bucks and to serve as bat boys and girls.

• You will receive a $200 stipend for each month and each Buck you host.

What do they ask in return?

• A place to sleep and a little room in your refrigerator for food.

• Access to a washer and dryer so they can keep their uniforms looking sharp.

During the summer, there are many events and venues that Bucks rely on for a lot of their meals, but typically, host families go the extra mile, inviting their guest to some family meals, even though it’s not a necessity.

Nor is transporting your Buck around the Island. A number of players arrive with their own vehicles and share rides. For off-Island games, transportation is handled for team members.

Many of those who have hosted repeat the experience.

Interested in hosting a Buck or two this summer? You can reach Ms. O’Shea at 917-405-6750 or Mr. Bundy at 859-552-8449 or by email at [email protected].