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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Constantino M. Franco of Southampton was driving on Cartwright Road on Nov. 24 when he was stopped by police and ticketed for having an unregistered trailer.

On Nov. 30, Brayli I. Gonzalez Flete of Amagansett was issued three summonses on South Ferry Road for following too closely to another vehicle, driving an unregistered vehicle and operating without a license.

During the week, police conducted traffic stops and distracted driving and radar enforcement on Nov. 24, 25, 27, 29 and 30 in the Center, the Heights, South Ferry and Ram Island, resulting in five warnings and four tickets.


There were two minor accidents involving deer on Nov. 24 and 30. Robert E. Winters of Shelter Island was traveling westbound on West Neck Road when a deer ran onto the roadway, hitting his vehicle. No injuries were reported; the vehicle showed no damage and the deer was gone when police arrived.

John Irving McEnroe of Shelter Island was driving his truck eastbound on Smith Street when a deer ran out on the road and into his vehicle, causing minor damage to the lower right rear door. The deer ran off.

Other reports

A caller requested police assistance on Nov. 24 in entering a house after the locks had been changed. She was advised this was a civil matter and should be handled by her attorney.

On Nov. 24, police received a call, for informational purposes, about an item that had been left on her Center residence front door knob.

A caller reported being a victim of identity theft in a Social Security scam on Nov. 25.

On that day, police received a report of a male in Prospect Park with a street sign. An officer located the person who said he had found the sign in Greenport on an earlier date. The Shelter Island Highway Department supervisor was not able to determine if the sign was stolen but said he would contact the Police Department if he wanted to pursue charges.

Also on the 25th, a Highway Department caller told police he had advised a man to leave the Recycling Center because it was closed and was concerned he might attempt to reenter the facility. An officer spoke to the individual and told him not to reenter.

Police were told about an arcing wire in the Heights on Nov. 26. PSEG was advised.

A caller reported people skeet shooting in the area of Silver Beach on Nov. 27. An officer saw them shooting in a safe direction over water. They were advised to clean up when they were finished. Gun shots were reported in Hay Beach on that day; the area was canvassed with negative results.

A complainant called to report a large gathering of young people in South Ferry Hills on Nov. 27 — a violation of NYS Executive Order 202. Officers found four people in the kitchen of the residence and were told that no more than seven had been there earlier in the evening. They were reminded about social distancing. The complaint was considered unfounded.

Police were told that an erratic driver was passing vehicles at a high rate of speed at South Ferry. An officer found no vehicle matching the description along the route.

An officer on patrol on Nov. 28 noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from a vehicle parked along Ram Island Drive. The driver agreed to a search of the vehicle, which was conducted with negative results.

The next day, an open door at a West Neck residence was noted by an officer on patrol who searched the home and found no obvious signs of any criminal acts; the caretaker was notified.

Also on the 29th, police investigated a report of bonfires on a Center beach. Two small fires were located and the people involved were advised to clean up and make sure the fires were out before leaving.

A caller told police on the 29th that a vehicle parked on basketball courts in the Center was playing music. An officer responded but the vehicle had gone.

On Nov. 30, a person reported being a victim of an Amazon phone scam. Also on that date, another caller reported being a victim of identity theft and possibly a bank loan scam.

For information purposes, police were told on Nov. 30 that a truck was repeatedly driving slowly past the caller’s residence in Silver Beach.

On the same day, low hanging wires in the Heights were reported; police closed the road and notified PSEG. The utility company was also called about a downed tree on wires in Longview.

In other reports, police responded to two cases of keys locked in vehicles, assisted two residents in their homes, handled two lost and found calls, conducted a well-being check, responded to a false 911 call, attended off-Island training, provided a funeral escort and performed court duty.


The Shelter Island Fire Department and police responded to a carbon monoxide alarm in Menantic on Nov. 23. It was determined to be a false alarm.

Two residential alarms were activated on Nov. 24 and 30 in Menantic and West Neck respectively. There was no sign of forced entry in one; the open garage door in the second was probably caused by high winds.

Animal incidents

Two injured deer were reported on West Neck and Dering Harbor properties. Officers responded and had to put down both deer.

A lost dog on Ram Island was found before an officer arrived. An animal control officer (ACO) searched unsuccessfully for a dog at large in the Center. Another dog at large in the Center was found simultaneously by its owner and the ACO.

An ACO followed a loose dog at a Center intersection home and informed the owners who hadn’t realized the dog had gotten out.

A caller complained about a neighbor’s dog that relieved itself on her Center property. The ACO gave the dog’s owner a final warning to keep the dog on its own property; the owner said he was doing his best to do so.

A dog escaped from a Cartwright yard. An ACO searched the area but the dog returned home on its own.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams responded to a case on Nov. 29, but medical attention was refused. A second person was transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Nov. 30.