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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: Dec. 24-30

Stop the slander

To the Editor:

I am a Democrat. This does not mean I believe in Satan, am a pedophile or a communist.

I am a socialist in the sense that I participate in Social Security and Medicare, to which I am “entitled” because I have paid into both of these insurance programs.

I believe in enlightened self-interest, meaning that the nation is better off if all children are well-educated, citizens are not going hungry, someone doesn’t work three jobs and still not make a living wage, and people don’t have to choose between food and overpriced prescriptions. I would pay higher taxes to support all that.

And, yes, the Earth is round; we did land on the moon.

I do not think all Republicans are racists, fascists, misogynists, or flat-earthers. I say this because we can’t seem to have a rational discussion without name calling. I would prefer to discuss what to do about environmental protections, endangered species, a rational medical system, global warming, etc.

Fact: New York, California and numerous blue states are referred to as “donor states” (real term) because they get back fewer federal dollars than they put in compared to other states. Eight of the top 10 “dependent states” (real term) are deeply red, and the other two, Arizona and New Mexico, just turned blue.

We support these states in the good times; our getting some mutual support in an emergency isn’t “disgraceful.” This isn’t mismanagement. It’s a pandemic. Unfortunately, since COVID-19 has now spread into red states, they, too, will find their local services just as decimated as the coastal states.

Fact: A Democrat won the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections. Why is it so unbelievable that someone who did not win the 2016 popular vote and whose approval rating never broke 50% would lose? Yes, the Democrats can win without cheating. Even Kris Kobach, in his never-ending search for massive fraud, couldn’t come up with evidence.

I have been a poll worker. I learned in the training and on Election Day that the citizens who participate are earnest patriots who believe in democracy. In New York, there are multiple, redundant checks along the way to a final count. 

Yes, there are glitches and errors. We are human. These people are neighbors, friends, Americans, patriots. To those continuing to slander, accuse, and threaten them, shame on you.



To the Editor:

I’m sure many sensible people will agree with me when I say that I am greatly relieved that the election is now in our rearview mirror. There is, however, one related thing that I remain exasperated about.

I’ve noticed that there are at least two roadside electioneering signs that remain displayed despite the fact that election day was nearly two months ago. I am speaking of the “Elect Jesus” signs attached to telephone poles at the intersection of Route 114 and Midway Road and adjacent to Picozzi’s dock. (There are perhaps other such signs around town that I have missed; I readily admit to being “ever seeing, but never perceiving.” Isaiah 6:9,10)

I have done some sleuthing and discovered that not only did Mr. Christ not win the election but, as far as I can determine, He didn’t even run. I figure these facts partially explain why He has not publicly acknowledged that, come January 20, Joe Biden will be sworn in as President (and that Mr. Trump will have lots of free time for golf and legal defense strategy sessions).

On a related matter, I strongly suggest that anybody who is still donating money to Mr. Christ’s campaign stop immediately and, instead, place that money in the collection box on Sunday.

I recall reading—before election day—a couple of rambling letters to the editor in the Reporter that decried the visual pollution of the scores of electioneering signs across the Island and that such free speech expressions should be prohibited outright.

To me, that idea is silly on its face and, when examined a little more closely, contrary to democratic principles enshrined in our Constitution and, therefore, baldly offensive.

I believe that any and all candidates who have the gumption and who have done all the required paperwork should encourage their followers to actively advertise, for all the world to see, their support.

I have no reason to doubt that is precisely what Mr. Christ did, but the time has come for signs supporting His non-existent candidacy to come down.

SCOTT A. ROBBINS, Shelter Island