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Quick Quiz: Asking around the Island

We’ve got five quick questions to ask our neighbors around the Island.

This week, we posed our questions to photographer Adam Bundy, whose work is on exhibit at the Chequit on the Island as well as The Shoals in Southold.

He will be announcing shows in new locations this spring.

1. Favorite breakfast sandwich, from what Island location?

Turkey sausage, egg and cheese from Trish at the Islander.

2. Wades or Crescent beach, and why?

Menhaden Lane. The pure beauty and you have the beach to yourself many times.

3. Best place on the Island to view a sunset? 

Depends on the season. Summer, Dering Harbor. Winter, South Ferry.

4. Favorite Island event: Fireworks, 10K, 5K, Craft Fair, Chicken BBQ?  

We love the 10K and the Fireworks. Both are such incredible annual Shelter Island events.

5. Favorite place to take a walk on the Island?

Mashomack for a long hike. For a beautiful and shorter hike I would highly recommend The Mildred Flower Hird Nature Preserve. The trail is off Manhanset Road in Dering Harbor.