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Cozy Lane house to be demolished

It’s official. The Town Board voted 4-0 Tuesday to order the deteriorated house at 9 Cozy Lane to be demolished

Councilwoman BJ Ianfolla attended the meeting via Zoom, but was unable, by state law, to vote because only members attending physically can vote on resolutions.

It’s been five years since neighbors raised their voices about the once lovely house that had deteriorated to the point where experts agreed it was ready to collapse and poses a danger to the public.

Throughout the years, taxes have continued to be paid on the property.

Through a series of certified letters through the years, owner William Conroy had been notified that the roof was leaking, floors were buckling and something had to be done to either bring the structure up to code or demolish it.

A mailing sent to Mr. Conroy in South Portland, Maine  last July wasn’t picked up by the owner or a representative.

But a more recent letter this year was picked up informing the owner of the inspections by town officials and an outside consulting engineer, noting that a public hearing would be held in March.

Neither Mr. Conroy nor a representative replied or attended the hearing.

The house will  be razed; the hole that remains will be filled in. Any usable items either in the house or an adjacent shed will be removed and impounded, giving the owner 90 days to claim them or they can be auctioned.

If the items are auctioned, any proceeds received will be credited against the cost of removing the house. A lien will be put on the property unless Mr. Conroy or a representative pays for the demolition.

If no one steps forward to pay for the demolition and the property is eventually sold, the new owner would be responsible for paying off the lien.