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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: April 18, 2023

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Jason A. Yaragan, Brooklyn, was driving on Clinton Avenue on April 20 when he was stopped by police and issued a ticket for operating an uninspected vehicle.

Police conducted 13 distracted driving, radar enforcement and traffic stops in the Center and the Heights on April 18 through 23, resulting in two warnings and one ticket.


An anonymous caller reported that a vehicle in Menantic was partially parked on a public highway on April 17. The vehicle was moved off the roadway and onto private property.

An officer investigated a person reported walking in the Heights at the request of a caller who was concerned about her. The area was canvassed with no result. Also on the 17th, an officer issued an order of protection.

A domestic dispute in Hay Beach was called in on April 18.

On the 19th, police had lunch with the kindergarten class as part of a Shelter Island School program. Also on that day, a caller told police that a person had used a dumpster in Silver Beach without the owner’s permission. The report was made for information purposes but the caller was advised to contact the police if people were noticed on the property.

A caller complained on the 19th about harassing behavior following an incident. An officer talked to the person involved and explained that any future unfounded calls could be considered as harassment.

Concern about the driving ability of another motorist on April 19 led to a traffic stop on April 22. The person was interviewed, issued a warning and advised to stay within his lane.

On April 21, an officer was asked to investigate unusual noises downstairs in a Center residence. The house was searched and no signs of criminal activity were observed. The caller was advised to call the police if she observed anything unusual.

The same day, an officer on patrol noticed a disabled vehicle in the Heights with its hazard lights on. In a subsequent interview with the driver, the officer learned the front driver’s-side wheel had broken off, making the vehicle impossible to drive.

On April 23, an officer also on patrol observed a vehicle in the Heights with the back right passenger door open onto a lane of traffic. The driver said she accidentally forgot to secure the door.

An anonymous caller told police on April 24 that a female was walking north on South Ferry Road and was concerned about her wellbeing.

In other incidents: officers performed court duty; taught DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) to 5th and 6th graders; responded to two lost and found reports; and attended training in Southampton.


A motion alarm was set off in Dering Harbor on April 20. An officer made an exterior search of the residence and all doors and windows were secure.

The Shelter Island Fire Department and police responded to two alarms on Ram Island and Menantic on April 20 and 22, respectively. The first may have been triggered by electricians working at the home. The second was a carbon monoxide alarm; the SIFD chief confirmed it was not a problem.

On April 22, police responded to a call about a motion alarm in Mashomack. The owner said he was having trouble with an alarm interface and had contacted the alarm company.

Two residential alarms were activated on April 23 — one in West Neck where police found no sign of criminal activity and a second in the Center with the same conclusion. The owner in the latter case said he had just left and must have set off the alarm accidentally.


A caller reported two missing dogs in the Center. The animal control officer (ACO) assisted in the search until both dogs returned home on their own. A dog reported at large in Shorewood had been reunited with its owner when the ACO arrived. A loose dog in Menantic was recognized by the ACO who contacted the owner.

A caller stated that her dog had wandered out of her Center yard and was missing. The ACO located the dog and watched her walk back home.

An osprey was reported “in distress” on a beach in the Center; it flew away when the ACO approached.

A turkey with a broken leg was seen in the middle of a Menantic road; the ACO was unable to locate it.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on April 17 and 21. A fourth case refused medical attention on April 17.