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Starboard! Starboard!

The Menantic Yacht Club (MYC) held its ninth series of Sunfish races this past Sunday in West Neck Harbor with 31 sailors participating. 

The wind was fairly light, blowing between 5 and maybe 6 knots, gusting to around 8. There were no flips, and I didn’t even see anyone swimming between races.

Even though the Race Committee ran some longer races, a large part of the fleet was fairly close to each other and you heard a lot of sailors shouting “Starboard! Starboard! Starboard!” (For non-sailors the starboard boat has right of way). Yours truly did a penalty turn after misjudging while trying to pass in front of Alicia Rojas, who just happened to be on starboard.

There was one general recall when most of the boats in the fleet were over early, and the 1 minute flag was hoisted. When the 1 minute flag flies, a sailor who is over early has to go around the pin or the committee boat to start, not just dip the line. This can bring down your score substantially in that race. In one race, the father and son duo of Charlie and Charlie Modica Jr. were both over early and had to fight their way back to the start line.

Fortunately, it didn’t hurt either of them that badly; Charlie Jr. still placed 3rd overall on the day and Sr. placed 7th. Another thing that can bring down a score is sailing to the wrong mark. In  the third race, the leaders did just that, and had to double back, but not before playing the Pied Piper and taking a number of other sailors with them. That gave those of us that were farther back a chance to improve our scores. Sailing to the wrong mark happens to the best of us at times, so don’t feel bad, those of you who will remain nameless.

Lee Montes ran away with the races on Sunday, with three 1st place finishes. Charlie Sr. and PJ Patin each placed 1st in one race, but Derek Webster was more consistent and placed 2nd overall, just three points ahead of Charlie Sr. Going to the wrong mark did hurt a couple of sailors.

Paul Zinger was back from attending a wedding in California and borrowed one of Peter Beardsley’s hulls, which propelled him into 4th place on the day. Paul has a new boat on order and is hoping it arrives before the Men’s Nationals next season. Peter was out of town and I’m sure Paul thanks you for the use of your hull.         

We had two newcomers join the MYC this past Sunday, Peter Dahlgren and Tim Nardell, both of whom had sailed Sunfish previously in California and fit right into our club. Welcome back Eric Beardsley, and Happy Birthday.

Race Pro Betsy Colby, back from racing her Herreshoff 12 1/2, along with Amy Cococcia and Debra Mintz, did an outstanding job even without regulars Marian Thomsen and Susan Donlon, who took the day off. The wind cooperated and the Race Committee was able to run five races. Thank you, all, and thank you, Jonathan Brush, for the use of your boat, again.

The chase boat crews were captained by Matt Fox and Ben Gonzalez. Betty Bishop, the wanderer recently back from two weeks in Nantucket, was having fun in North Carolina and Denise Fenchel paid her a surprise visit instead of sailing. Dave Daly drove the committee boat from Jonathan Brush’s dock to its position on the course, then transferred to the chase boat. Betsy will learn to drive a power boat one day. Melanie Coronetz and Elsie Rose crewed during the slow afternoon. Thank you, all.

We are a very congenial club, open to all, with no dues, no fees and no clubhouse. The sailing is great, the camaraderie is superb, and we just have tremendous fun. All sailors, novice to expert, are welcome. Just show up in West Neck Harbor at 2 p.m. on any Sunday through Labor Day, check in with the Race Committee, giving them your full name and sail number, and be sure to bring your life jacket.

Non-sailors are also welcome to assist with the Race Committee boat and the chase boats. You can get more information about the MYC at the MYC website: MenanticYC.com, MYC Facebook page: Menantic Yacht Club, or from Bob Harris at [email protected]. Steve and Melissa Shepstone have a fleet of loaner boats available on a first to reserve basis. Contact Ellen Leonforte at 914-450-1450 or at e_l[email protected] to reserve your boat. See you on the water.

Results:                Points    Place

Lee Montes                        12             1

Derek Webster                 17             2

Charlie Modica Jr.          20             3

Paul Zinger                       28             4

Joan Butler                       34             5

PJ Patin                             37             6

Charlie Modica Sr.         38             7

John Modica                    52             8

Ruth Hakansen                54             9

Linda Gibbs                      56             10

Doug Rose                        58             11

Bob Harris                        60             12

Will Lehr                            75             13

Alicia Rojas                       76             14

Eugene Van Rynbach   80             15

Eric Beardsley                  81             16

Ellen Leonforte                82             17

Mark Webber                    85             18

George Zinger                  89             19

Bill Martens                       90             20

Peter Due                          106          21

Ed Kiaer                             109          22

John Colby                        109          23

Jonathan Brush               109          24

Kate Duff                           110          25

Jodi Sisley                         111          26

Mary Vetri                          134          27

Tim Nardell                       135          28

Isabelle Parra                    146          29

Pete Dahlgren                   148          30

Brett Mintz                          149          31