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Shelter Island Police and town agree on contract through 2026

Police officers on steps one through five, representing their years of service in the first five years with the department, are receiving a 2.4% hike in their pay this year, and will see their salaries increased by the same amount in 2025, and again in 2026.

See below for police base salaries for 2023.

Contract negotiations between the Town Board and the Shelter Island Police Benevolent Association were concluded in December. The new contract that took effect at the outset of 2024 is for three years.

Both sides agreed that for the first year of the contract, the pay would be forthcoming over 27 pay periods, not the usual 26. The pay periods started on Dec. 22, 2023 and will end on January 3, 2025.

Salaries for sergeants with more than 12 months of service in that rank are receiving the compensation representing what they earned in 2023, plus an additional 13% of what officers in their 5th year of service receive. In 2025, the increase will be at 15%, and in 2026, 17%.

Detective sergeants with more than 12 months of service at that rank are receiving an increase above their 2023 pay, plus 15% of what officers receive in their fifth year of service.

Police Department members hired on or after June 24, 2016, who opt for family health insurance coverage, are to contribute 4% of their salary toward premiums, not to exceed 15% of the total premium cost for the insurance. For those opting for individual health insurance coverage, the contribution is to be at 2% of their pay.

Negotiations on the agreement affecting Shelter Island Highway Department union members were concluded in December. But despite the agreement on terms, the draft language is being reviewed by attorneys who are preparing the document for signing.

Details on that contract are anticipated within the next week.

Police base salaries for 2023

Chief — $219,072

Detective Sergeant — $149,831

Sergeant — $147,179

Patrol Officers — $132,594