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Shelter Island Battle of the Brains: Fun with friends … and pizza

Thursday, March 21, was one of the first nights of spring, and we made the most of it here on the Island.

Things were happening all over, but my favorite was the Battle of the Brains held to a packed house at Slice restaurant.

How does the Battle work? The quizmaster (yours truly) asks 50 general knowledge questions to teams of four players each. The teams write down their answers and the most correct answers at the end of the night will win.

The winning team, the JJ’s, had 37 correct answers out of the 50 questions, proving that we are loaded with brainpower right here on the Island.

Second place, The Brooklyn Bombers JoAnn LoBue, Sherri Cavasini, Lorraine Manco, and Call Manco had 33 correct — a tight race.

The evening produced everything Slice wanted. A get-together with friends, plenty of laughter, no cell phones, no politics, and a lot of thinking for answers at no cost.

The night of 50 questions produced one unanimous response: Thank you to Frank from Slice for underwriting a great night.