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What is that? May 18, 2024

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Ed Hydeman was the first to respond to last week’s photo quiz (see below), emailing: “The new Goat Hill restaurant sign.”

(Credit:Ambrose Clancy

And Roger McKeon was right behind Ed, writing: “A signpost for the new restaurant at the Shelter Island Country Club on Goat Hill.”

Pat Hanson was also up to speed on what’s going on, writing: “The name of the new restaurant at Goat Hill Golf Course.”

The 1901 Grill is owned by Jim Lang. The Shelter Island Country Club Board of Directors noted that, “Jim and his family have owned a home on Shelter Island since 1965. Jim’s vision will be a place where Shelter Island Country Club members, Island residents, and visitors can come for a quality meal and to socialize with family and friends at a reasonable price. Their goal is to cater to the members and the local community.”

Jim picked the restaurant’s name, 1901 Grill, as a nod to the founding date of the Country Club. Its history traces many of the same lines as the Island itself.

The course was created by the Heights Association to serve its members and guests, then opened to the public. In the late 1970s the Town of Shelter Island bought the property from the Heights Association and appointed a Board to oversee course operations.

The Board, in turn, found volunteers to run the Club. The Club has been operated ever since by a volunteer Board of Trustees elected by Club members.

The Club was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009, and became a nonprofit in 2019.