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Deborah Vecchio is Shelter Island School’s Employee of Month

Throughout the year, a Shelter Island School District employee who colleagues regard as contributing more than their basic jobs require, are honored.

The employee they chose for May is District Treasurer Deborah Vecchio. In addition to her usual duties, Ms. Vecchio led the way in handling the many responsibilities of District Clerk Jacki Dunning, who has been out on an extended sick leave.

In addition, during a tight year to produce a sound budget, it was the expert work of Ms. Vecchio that increased revenues totaling $107,750, by finding a higher interest bearing account that could bring in more money.

“The amount of work Debbie does for our district is amazing,” said Superintendent Brian Doelger, Ed.D.  “Just in her role as treasurer, she makes sure all of the finances are in order in the district,” he said. But during the past year helping to fill in during Ms. Dunning’s absence, she “has done a phenomenal job with that as well,” he said.

Ms. Vecchio does whatever is asked of her with a smile on her face, he added. “We are extremely grateful to Debbie for all she has given the district for many years. “

Board of Education President Kathleen Lynch said Ms. Vecchio is a valued member of the Shelter Island School family. “And as the member of any great family, she simply steps up wherever she is needed and has been an integral part of keeping everything running smoothly this year,” Ms. Lynch said.

Part of her responsibilities filling in for Ms. Dunning, was assisting Mr. Doelger with the agenda for the June 10 meeting at which her name would be announced. The line that typically lists the Employee of the month was blank. When she asked the superintendent for the name, he said it was still being decided, in order to surprise her of her selection.

She said she sat poised taking notes at the meeting waiting to add the name when she heard her name called.

After accepting the honor, she returned to her agenda copy and simply filled in “Me” with the name of the recipient.