05/23/19 8:00am

The Shelter Island Public Library’s Friday Night Dialogues on Friday, May 31 presents a conversation with John Dileo, author of ‘And You Thought You Knew Classic Movies,’ a book of 200 movie quizzes.

Think you know classic films? How about this: Who was the uncredited actor in the movie “Dead Heat” on a merry-go-round who went on to become the second highest grossing U.S. domestic star?


02/04/19 10:00am

Island brains battle at last year’s Trivia Night

It seems that no matter how one prepares for the Shelter Island Public Library’s annual Battle of the Brains Trivia Night, the devious questions researched and proffered by host Bob DeStefano seem to elicit the same responses every time. Blank stares, grimacing and whispered “Rats! I know this! Why can’t I think of it? Ooh, ooh, how about ….” can be seen and barely heard from the teams of four trying to come up with the answer to each question and write it down within thirty seconds.


10/15/18 4:00pm

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Shelter Island Library

Ever heard of Blockchain? Didn’t think so. How about cryptocurrencies? Perhaps. Bitcoin? Probably. But if you’ve ever wondered about the intricacies and influences entwined in the mysterious netherworld of digital investing, the next installment of the Shelter Island Public Library’s Friday Night Dialogues is for you! (more…)

02/19/18 12:00pm
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | More than 30 people gathered at the library last Friday for a fast-paced Battle of the Brains, led by host Bob DeStefano.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO   The 2017 Battle of the Brains, led by host Bob DeStefano.

Long before the internet, cell phones, Google and Alexa, we used our brains to discover things, engage with others, develop community and actually talk to people! Feel like practicing what at times seems like a lost art? Trivia night at the Shelter Island Public Library on February 23 with emcee and question master Bob DeStefano will facilitate your participation in a real Friday Night Dialogue.   (more…)