08/08/19 8:00am


The sound bites from early morning news shows on Sunday seemed odd at first. The mayor of Dayton, Ohio, could be seen speaking, confirming the gruesome details of a deadly shooting that left multiple people dead.

But wasn’t the shooting in El Paso, Texas? Why was Dayton trending on Twitter?

Then reality quickly set in. (more…)

07/19/19 12:00pm


There were glitches and hitches at Saturday night’s 62nd annual Shelter Island fireworks show.

But the organizers powered through them and put on a spectacular evening of pyrotechnic entertainment for Islanders and visitors of all ages. (more…)

07/04/19 8:00am

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The great American novelist, Marilynne Robinson, recently wrote: “We know … our treatment of immigrants threatens the ideal of a just nation. Why are we paralyzed in the face of these issues of freedom and humanity? Why are we alienated from a history that could help us find a deep root in liberality and shared mutual happiness?” (more…)

06/28/19 2:00pm

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Tomorrow, the best of Shelter Island’s youth will line up and march onto the stage to receive diplomas as the school’s staff bids them a farewell and good luck. All of Shelter Island sends good wishes and hopes that each member of the Class of 2019 will achieve his or her dreams, and have lives of fulfillment and happiness on the paths they choose. (more…)