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03/19/19 4:30pm

Last summer flowers grew beside the nitrogen-reducing septic system on Susan Cincotta’s Midway Road property.

Town Engineer John Cronin’s call for action sounded— again — to the Town Board to address septic issues affecting water, particularly in the Center. (more…)

03/19/19 12:00pm


There’s always a balance between what may seem best for the community as a whole and the rights of individual property owners. Decades ago, the community was small enough that differences of opinion could be worked out informally and sealed with a handshake. (more…)

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03/18/19 4:30pm


Life is ever changing. And the Island is changing — in some ways for the better, but in other ways, long-time residents would be quick to say, for the worse.

Ride along Route 114 heading south from North Ferry, and while the initial impression is positive, as you head up past Piccozzi’s gas station and continue south, it’s not long before you encounter views that Supervisor Gary Gerth and his predecessor, Jim Dougherty, have characterized as less than appealing. Mr. Dougherty, when he was in office, said the main thoroughfare of the Island had become “an eyesore.” (more…)