05/21/19 9:44pm

Outgoing Superintendent Christine Finn looks on as John Klupka Sr. took the oath of office Tuesday night. He immediately takes the seat that belonged to Elizabeth Melichar and will have to run again next May if he chooses to remain on the Board of Education. The other two Board of Education members — Jason Lones and Katharine Rossi-Snook won full three-year terms and will be sworn in at the reorganization meeting in July.

Shelter Island voters approved the 2019-20 School District budget of $11.9 million by a comfortable margin. (more…)

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05/21/19 4:30pm

Shelter Island Firefighter of the Year Ronald Jernick with his wife, Tammi.

Ronald Jernick is the 2019 Firefighter of the Year. He was honored May 18 at Shelter Island Fire Department’s annual Installation Dinner at The Pridwin.

Mr. Jernick has been a Shelter Island firefighter for 24 years and has served as a department chief and as a fire commissioner. He promised when he left the commissioner’s post that he would remain active with the Fire Department, a promise well kept. (more…)

05/21/19 2:00pm

DON BENDER PHOTO Moon over Smith Cove.

Peter Johnson is a Shelter Islander who leases 10 acres of land underwater more than 1,000 feet from the shoreline off Mashomack Preserve in Shelter Island Sound. He grows oysters and his landlord is Suffolk County. (more…)

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05/21/19 12:00pm

Installation of new ramps at South Ferry between 2015 and 2017 are higher than original ramps by 12 inches.

South Ferry is submitting a request to the Suffolk County Legislature for fare raises it hopes will be approved by early summer. (more…)

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05/21/19 10:00am


Shelter Island’s representatives in the New York State Legislature are split on a bill that would give undocumented immigrants the right to have driver’s licenses.