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09/17/19 10:00am


In an effort to wrap up the budgeting process well in advance of the  November election, reviews of requests from town departments will begin with a presentation of the draft budget to the Town Board on Tuesday at 1 p.m.  Meetings with department and committee heads will begin on Thursday, Sept. 19, between 9 a.m. and noon and then again from 1 to 4 p.m. (more…)

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09/17/19 8:00am

MARTIN BURKE PHOTO Early morning moon with osprey nest on Winthrop Road.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is forecasting a beautiful, late summer day for Shelter Island.

The high temperature for Tuesday will be 72 degrees and the winds will be from the north at 6 to 10 mph. There will be clear skies and sunshine all day.

Tonight, some clouds move in and the temperature will drop to 54 degrees, according to the NWS. The wind will shift to the east at 8 to 11 mph.


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09/16/19 4:30pm

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Some 30 Islanders, including representatives of the local Girl Scouts, attended a New York State sponsored emergency preparedness meeting at Town Hall on Sept. 14. Capt. Joshua Tavares of the National Guard conducted the program. (more…)

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09/16/19 2:00pm


Willie Mays became the second player to hit 600 home runs.

Singer Tiny Tim got engaged to Miss Vicky.

“Marcus Welby MD” premiered on ABC Television.

“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford premiered.

“Sugar, Sugar,” written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim and originally recorded by the virtual band the Archies, reached number one in the United States on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and remained there for four weeks.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)