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10/29/18 4:30pm

Some cross country athletes at the October 23 Shelter Island 5K race. From left, Kaitlyn Gulluscio, Ariana Carter, Olivia Overstreet, Emma Gallagher, Tyler Gulluscio, Jason Green, Kal Lewis, Jalill Carter, Junior Gil and Jonas Kinsey.

On Saturday, October 20, the Shelter Island varsity cross country teams, sans uniforms, started their week off right in their own backyards as they supported the Shelter Island Fall 5K for the benefit of the North Fork Breast Health Coalition, the Coalition for Women’s Cancers at Southampton Hospital and Lucia’s Angels. (more…)

10/23/18 2:00pm

Fans and athletes of all ages were at the 19th annual Shelter Island 5K race, which raises money for research to fight cancers that affect women.

If you were running or walking in the1 9th annual Shelter Island 5K on October 20 it was a perfect weather day as early morning rain stopped well before the race began. The sun even peaked through, making it, perhaps, a bit too warm at moments for the traditional Island event that raises money for research to end breast cancer and other women’s cancers. (more…)

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10/20/18 4:10pm

Warming up in the Sunset Beach Hotel parking lot in advance of Saturday’s 5k.

For today’s Shelter Island 5k Run/Walk, it was perfect weather — skies that cleared before race time with sun peaking through clouds as 356 runners, 175 walkers and 1 wheelchair participant finished the course, according to race timers Elite Feats. But 653 people had pre-registered with another 82 registering on site Saturday morning. (more…)

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10/19/18 6:00am

They’re off in last year’s 5k for Breast Cancer run.

You didn’t register for today’s 19th Annual 5k Run/Walk to benefit organizations dedicated with helping organizations serving those with breast cancer and other women’s cancers, but wish you had. (more…)

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10/17/18 4:00pm

Warming up for the Annual Shelter Island 5k two years ago.

If you haven’t yet registered to participate in Shelter Island’s 19th Annual Fall 5k Run/Walk to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer and other women’s cancers, there is still time to get in the game. (more…)