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10/08/19 12:00pm

Shelter Island Reporter columnist Karl Grossman’s film will screen a tThe New Earth International Film Festival


Shelter Island columnist Karl Grossman has had his film, “Crimes Against The Future”  selected by The New Earth International Film Festival for screening. The documentary is hosted and was written by Mr. Grossman and Frank Melli is its executive producer and director.

“Crimes Against The Future” investigates environmental and human rights crimes currently being committed — from climate change to the dangers of nuclear power — and puts into perspective what they mean for future generations.

The documentary was aired nationally in the United States last month on Free Speech TV. The New Earth International Film Festival is based in Poland and will run the documentary between Oct. 16 and 20. The documentary can be viewed on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sYrFEBBDnE.

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08/02/19 8:00am


Elizabeth Pedersen
To the Editor:
Elizabeth Pedersen fought and underwent treatment for one of the most deadly cancers for four years.

All of that time, she worked tirelessly with her husband, Bill, and her colleagues at the Shelter Island Historical Society to create a state-of-the-art facility for the safe preservation of treasures Islanders have donated, and for the education of generations to come in our Island’s history. Fortunately she lived, undoubtedly against all odds and with pain, just long enough to see the recent and stunning completion of her vision. (more…)

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06/24/19 4:30pm


Two hundred people attended the first Jewish worship service at the White House during the Nixon era when the president wanted to encourage religious unity.

Fifty-thousand people attended the three-day Denver Pop Festival that would be overshadowed two months later by Woodstock in New York.

Life Magazine announced the retirement of photo journalist Margaret Bourke-White, who would succumb to Parkinson’s Disease two years later.

The Stonewall uprising, said to be the beginning of the Gay  Pride Movement, started with New York City Police carrying out an early morning raid at the gay bar in Greenwich Village.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)

05/15/19 4:30pm

Is happiness the fountain of youth? Pamela Popsil’s daughter Robin believes that her mother reached 101 by always being a “happy person.”

I spent some time last week speaking with Robin Anderson about her 101-year-old mother who lives in Hilo Shores.


05/01/19 4:30pm

Is Mr. Lomuscio an “old-car guy,” an “old old-car guy” or an “old car guy”?

I remember some years ago trying to get my students to understand the proper use of the hyphen and how it can change meanings.