04/21/19 3:00pm

JIM COLLIGAN PHOTO A sunset at Shell Beach.

After the news story I wrote last week about the Deer and Tick Committee’s vote to reject the idea of burning on public lands to control ticks appeared, many responded remembering the good old days “when we burned and there did not seem to be as many ticks as there are now.”


04/20/19 11:00am

Island pre-K students ventured around the Island in early March.

In mid March pre-kindergarten students went on two walking field trips. They walked to Dr. Kestler’s dental office where they learned all about teeth and the equipment in a dentist’s office.


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04/19/19 10:00am


Starting over
To the Editor:
I am frustrated with the contradictions. Sometimes we are bragging about how Shelter Islanders have a sense of community, we look out for each other, we are proud of our autonomy, proud of our tourism industry, innovative with entrepreneurship to sustain that tourism economy, but then in the next breath, we are reminded about how to be a “good neighbor.” That our neighbors are to be feared, reported, and are abusers of the Island. (more…)

04/18/19 2:00pm

The Earth Week full moon walk at Mashomack Preserve will take place on Friday, April 19.

Activities and events on Shelter Island.


04/18/19 8:00am

In mid-March the Cub Scouts held their Pinewood Derby.

On Saturday, March 16, the Shelter Island Cub Scouts held their annual Pinewood Derby and the Shelter Island Girl Scouts were invited to run their own race. All of the kids did an amazing job constructing their cars and had a great time cheering each other on. Congratulations to all!