Man’s wheels gone from Goody Pile

Call it a case of mistaken bicycle identity.

Stanley Blados rode his bicycle, which is his only mode of transportation, to the Recycling Center’s “Goody Pile” on Memorial Day to check out what was on offer. He parked his silver-colored bike with an IGA plastic bag on the seat to protect it from rain near the entrance to the section where people drop off objects in good shape or pick up the same for free.

But someone mistook Mr. Blados’s bike as a free offering.

When Highway Department employees were notified, they looked at surveillance tape and discovered that a woman driving a Lexus with New Jersey plates took the bike.

Mr. Blados’ family is certain the woman was not stealing the bike but made an honest mistake and thought it was available free.

The family asks that the bike be returned either to the police department or to 11 Hagar Road.

Or contact Mary Ann Blados at 749-0095.