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WMAC is both nice, and right



When the Waterways Management Advisory Council recommended in June that the Town Board allow Charles Stark of 20 Clinton Avenue to keep a boat on a mooring that had belonged to his deceased parents, they acted despite concerns that the young man might be jumping ahead of others on the list for moorings in Dering Harbor.

But at the July 7 meeting, the issue was clarified with chairman John Needham telling his colleagues that Mr. Stark’s name was, in fact, the next one on the list. That’s because Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar had previously checked the list when Mr. Stark’s application for the mooring was submitted and determined that he was entitled to the mooring as the next person on her list.

What concerned WMAC members this month was that they would have liked to know that to save what was a 25 minute conversation in June about the application. Mr. Needham promised to check the lists against the agenda items going forward to that  unnecessary questions don’t arise in considering future applications.

By a vote of 4-0, with three absent members, the council recommended this month that the Town Board approve four applications:
• Richard Coles of 36 Little Ram Island seeks a riparian mooring.
• The Richard Hogan Revocable Trust at 1 Apple Orchard Lane seeks to stabilize an existing 150-foot concrete retaining wall by placing a single row of 2- to 3-ton rocks in front of it and covering the wall with 20 1,000 pound stones; provide a 10-foot wide non-turf buffer of three-quarter inch natural gravel stone landward of the wall; and construct a 6-foot by 12-foot platform over the wall with an access stairway to the beach to bring kayaks to the water.
• Scott Murphy of 8 Chequit Avenue seeks a riparian mooring.
• Robert and Jennifer Feinstein of 86 Peconic Avenue seek to construct approximately 101 feet of vinyl retaining wall along the seaward toe of existing sandbags  that would remain in place as backfill along with approximately 40 cubic yards of additional clean sand fill to be trucked in from an approved upland source; construct a 12-foot return and a 20-foot return along property lines; construct a 4-foot by 5.5-foot wood platform and 4-foot by 6-foot steps to the beach off the bulkhead in place of a temporary platform and steps that would be removed; and plant an approximately 5-foot section along the top of the bulkhead with Cape American beach grass.