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John Needham resigns from water council: 26-year chairman cites ‘changing landscape’

John Needham has tendered his resignation as chairman of the Waterways Management Advisory Council effective Saturday, Sept. 30.

In a letter to Supervisor Gerry Siller and Town Board members dated Sept. 14, Mr. Needham cited factors that contributed to his decision after 26 years of service leading the WMAC.

“Unfortunately, the landscape and scope of our meetings has changed dramatically in the past two years,” Mr. Needham said. “Unreasonable requests for relief from our Town Code, threats of litigation and legislative complexity have led to an environment that needs a member more capable than I to deal with these new challenges,” he said. “The stress surrounding these challenges has become more than I can tolerate,” he added.

Mr. Needham told the Reporter Tuesday morning, “All that juggling just got to me.”

“I’m not going away,” he added, and will be watching the activities of the WMAC and commenting when he believes he can contribute something in a positive way. But currently he sees the role he’s played become “so difficult and demanding” that he doesn’t wish to continue.

In his letter of resignation he states: “I am confident that the Town Board will find a qualified candidate to fill my position to carry on with the very important mission of the WMAC.”

Members remaining are William Geraghty, James Eklund, Alfred Loreto, Marc Wein, Matthew Williamson and Tom Field.