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Dr. Ann puts down roots, signs 2-year lease with town

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Dr. Annthonette Desire has worked out a lease deal with the town.

Dr. Anthonette Desire has worked out a lease deal with the town.

Dr. Anthonette Desire told the Town Board at its work session Tuesday that since she started practicing medicine at the town’s Medical Center in June, she’s been asked two questions by nearly everyone she’s met.

“‘How do you like Shelter Island?’ And, ‘Are you going to stay?’” the doctor said.

Her answers: “I love it. And yes.”

The doctor came to an agreement with the town on a two-year lease for space at the Medical Center for $800 a month plus utilities beginning October 1 and running for two years.

The lease calls for a physician to be present five days a week and “strongly advises medical coverage on weekends,” Supervisor Jim Dougherty said.

Dr. Desire noted that she has a 24-hour-a-day live operator service when people need to contact her. A doctor will be present at the facility five days a week year round, although hours might be scaled back during some winter months.

In other business:

•  Representatives of the Taylor Island Foundation were assured that all grant money coming from the town was on track. P.A.T. Hunt, a director of the foundation, announced that State Senator Kenneth LaValle (R,C-Port Jefferson) had pledged $25,000 from state money to the continuing restoration and upkeep of the historic Smith-Taylor Cabin and grounds.

•  A “budget revision” will be made since a budget line that partially paid a Highway Department employee’s salary was “omitted” through an oversight in the current budget, according to Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr. The amount was about $14,000 and will come out of the current highway budget.