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James Bornemeier

10/07/17 8:00am


I’ve been watching a good bit of Ken Burns’ Vietnam series on PBS.

It brings back a clutch of personal memories of that era and drives home the ubiquitous horror of war in general and the particular atrocities in that one, both on the battlefield and in the highest offices of the American government. (more…)

09/09/17 8:00am


We recently had an anniversary ending in zero and the plan was to hit the city, catch a play and visit a favorite steak house to celebrate.

It may not be the most original idea, but there was a back story to this trip. One of us had forgotten the actual weeknight anniversary date. Sensing a strategic opportunity, the other spouse kept quiet (but had cards ready to go) and used the misstep as leverage for the more elaborate city weekend package to memorialize the marriage ceremony, now cloaked in the mists of memory. (more…)

08/20/17 3:00pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island's Black Cat Books.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island’s Black Cat Books.

It’s mid-August and indolence has set in.

Although July was pretty merciful weather-wise, August never fails to rev up the punishing muggy East End air masses (that’s what we used to call them in Southern California), making a wide range of outdoor activities unappealing. (more…)

06/03/17 8:00am
Tools of the trade for one park volunteer.

Tools of the trade for one park volunteer.

My writing and editing consulting business began winding down a while back as friends and colleagues who fed me work over the years gradually left the employment arena.

I began to ponder volunteer opportunities. For a time I worked for the New York City Department of Education. I wrote brochures aimed at parents alerting them to special programs not widely known for kids, particularly to those for whom English was a second, non-fluent language. (more…)